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Join the Official Airfix Club

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Collectors Club
Collectors Club 1 Year Type Join or Renew
Airfix Club – UK Download Version (No Kit) £7.99
Airfix Club - UK Postal Version (No Kit) £9.99
Airfix Club – UK Download Version (Club Kit) £17.98
Airfix Club – UK Postal Version (Club Kit and Catalogue) £19.98
Airfix Club – EU Download Version (No Kit) £9.99
Airfix Club – EU Download Version (Club Kit) £21.99
Airfix Club – Rest of World Download Version (No Kit) £12.99
Airfix Club – Rest of World Download Version (Club Kit) £26.99

Please allow 28 days for delivery of your Airfix Club Membership pack.

The Enamel Airfix Club badge is a one-off special badge that you receive in your first membership package. This high quality badge is a collectors' piece that enables you to be recognised as an Airfix Club member. For queries about your membership, contact the Collectors' Club on 0844 815 0582. For overseas enquires call: +44 1664 485024

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Become a member of the Official Airfix Club and be the first to hear the latest Airfix news as well as enjoy all the benefits of the Club.  You can either join the standard Club package or upgrade to the Club Plus package which contains a special edition kit that has never been released before.

Being a member of the Airfix Club you will get to enjoy:

  • Flying Hours Passport (see below)
  • Enamel Airfix Club Badge
  • Annual Collectors Badge
  • Club Membership Card
  • Three Airfix Club Magazines
  • Exclusive special Club Kits only available to Club members
  • Discounts at selected retailers and on the Airfix website
  • Discounted magazine subscriptions
  • Exclusive 2 for 1 entries into museums and family attractions
  • Wall Calendar (while stocks last)

You can have all this from only £7.99

The Airfix Club offers two packages:

  • Download version - which contains all the above except you will receive the Club magazines and a digital Airfix catalogue via email from only £7.99
  • Postal version - which consists of all of the above except you will receive the Club magazines through the post from £9.99 (UK Standard postal version members also receive a voucher for a free Airfix catalogue when they buy selected kits.  UK Club Plus postal version members will receive a free Airfix catalogue with their Club Kit)

For members outside of the UK, only the download version of the Club is available from £9.99 within Europe and £12.99 for the rest of the world.

Upgrade your membership to the Club Plus, from only £17.98,  and you will receive the exclusive 2014 Club twin-pack kit Operation Torch 'The Sparks of Liberation'.

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The 2014 Club Model

2014 Club Model

Upgrade to the Club Plus package and receive this exclusive Operation Torch 'The Sparks of Liberation' 2014 Club kit featuring 1:72 scale models of a Fairey Swordfish MkI and Hawker Sea Hurricane MkXII.

Operation Torch was the first large scale Allied amphibious operation of the Second World War, beginning on 8th November 1942.  Under pressure from Soviet Russia, the Allied commanders knew that some form of landing was needed in Europe to relieve the pressure that was being placed on the Soviet forces fighting in the East.

From land-based machines such as the Spitfire, to the carrier-bourne Hurricane and Swordfish, every current frontline type was involved in the operation.

2014 Club Models Photos

After the shelling of the French fleet on Oman and Dakar in 1940, the French of the region were staunchly anti-British, so every allied machine received American markings, in the hope of convincing Vichy forces to change sides.

During the operation, the Allies found themselves facing a wide range of enemy types, from Vichy Dewoitines and Hawks to Luftwaffe Fw190s and Bf190s.

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Airfix Club Flying Hours PassportClaim Free Airfix Kits with your Flying Hours Passport

The Airfix Flying Hours Passport is only available to members of the Airfix Club.

You will receive your Flying Hours Passport with your Club pack.  To claim your FREE kit, simply collect Flying Hours Vouchers from Airfix packaging.  Once you have collected the correct number of tokens, post the passport to us, and your chosen kit and new passport will be sent to you.  P&P costs apply.

The Flying Hours Passport can only be used with a valid Airfix Club Membership.

Click here for more details.

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Club Discount/Offers

The Airfix Club Membership Card is your official proof of Club membership and can be used in conjunction with any special offers Airfix have running.

Also being a member of the Airfix Club you are entitled to various Club Discounts such as a 10% discount on Airfix Kits from selected retailers, discounts on the Airfix website and discounted magazine subscriptions. 

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