Fokker EII (late) Eindecker 1:72

Fokker EII (late) Eindecker 1:72


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Fokker EII (late) Eindecker 1:72


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Significant in the history of aerial warfare, the Fokker Eindecker was the first purpose built German WWI fighter aircraft and the first to be fitted with gun synchronisation gear, which allowed the pilot to shoot through the arc of the propeller and in his line of sight.  Once introduced, it took a withering toll of Allied aircraft.

The technical developments incorporated in the design of the Fokker E Series of armed scouts, allowed German pilots to fire their guns along their line of sight and made attacking another aircraft much easier – significantly it gave them a much higher possibility of securing a victory. This proved to be a huge advantage for Luftstreitfrafte pilots and led to a period of air superiority for the Germans in the air battles over the Western Front.  

In a period of the war known as ‘The Fokker Scourge’ by Allied pilots, the Fokker Eindeckers enjoyed great success against their adversaries, who became so dismissive of the capabilities of their own aircraft, they would often describe them as being nothing more than Fokker fodder!  Famous names such as Oswald Boelcke and Max Immelmann were to score a significant number of victories whilst flying the Fokker Eindecker.

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Scale 1:72
Skill 2
Flying Hours 1
Number of Parts 35
Dimensions (mm) L100 x W140
Age Suitability 8+

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sssss 4

Great except for decals

This kit was a fantastic one to build, easy. My only problem is that if you don't get the main decals on the wings right the first time they crumple up.

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sssss 5
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Nummer Eins!!

What a splendid kit! The Eindecker is one of my favorite airplanes. This kit builds up to an excellent model. I had no particular problems with the fit of the parts and the engineering is excellent. The detail outstanding, setting a new benchmark for the Eindeckers in this scale. My only issue with the decals is the fuselage bands did not line up (unless they aren't supposed to?). Next kit I'll paint them. All in all highly recommended.

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sssss 5

Fantastic - apart from decals

This is the best kit that I've made for ages; Airfix have done a beautiful tooling of this tiny plane - delicate parts that fit together perfectly with an astonishing level of detail - the engine and Spandau machine gun are especially impressive. Because of the scale it's a fragile little kit but it's all very easy to put together. The recommended Humbrol enamel paint works really well but it needed thinning.
Rigging - not compulsory but it does add a lot to the finished model. It helps if you drill through the pre-marked holes in the wings.
The decals were the only let-down - the go-faster stripe is very difficult to apply as it's too big and nothing lines up. I lost patience and left it off in the end. The fuselage iron cross is also too big which doesn't help adhesion.
The markings for the dogfight double version look like a better option; I'm going to order this as well and make a second Fokker as I enjoyed my first one so much.
5 stars, despite the decals, it's that good
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Humbrol Enamel paints for the kit's primary decal scheme. Please note - Humbrol products can only be shipped to UK

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