S1:48 Sea Fury Recall?

Went to buy this model at Antics today and was told by the boy behind the counter not to buy it as they were all being recalled due to moulding defects, is this so?, I havn't heard from anyone else

This is the first I’ve heard of a recall. However, there seems to be a widespread problem with the leading edge of the fin being short shot. Mine is missing a few millimetres, but I’ve seen worse elsewhere online.

As problems like this affect a manufacturer’s reputation I hope Airfix deal with it promptly and effectively. 

Thanks for the reply Dave, I didnt know what a short shot was, but after a quick google I learned that+ it is indeed a problem affecting a good number of this kit, I may get one anyway and see if I can fix it, but it is a bit of a dissapointment.

Does anyone official from Airfix come on this forum?, would be good to know if a re-issue was planned.


all the best, Larry

Paul Brown

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Hi Larry, I'm not official but here's a few things I know.

A friend who lives in Plymouth was told by Antics that they were selling the Sea Fury kits but allowing customers to inspect the kit contents prior to purchasing, to see if the kit was affected and decide whether or not to buy and fix the problem themselves. Antics have returned a number of kits to their wholesaler.

I have read on piece from a trader who has a bricks and mortar shop as well as online sales who returned stock to their wholesaler for a refund.

As far as I know there is no recall, Hannant's are still selling the kit and it is their current top seller.

The short shot component can be variable in so far as to how badly it is affected. Some people have kits that don't have a problem at all. My own kit has a small amount of short shot and will be easy to fix. Obviously there are some purchasers who feel they shouldn't have to fix anything, others who won't know how to fix it and that is fair enough. Mostly I regard the whole thing as an internet mountain that's been made out of a molehill, but if Airfix were to tighten their QC at the factory this sort of thing wouldn't happen in the first place.


Thanks Paul, I'll go back to Antics and request a look, if it is only a small defect like you have shown I would be happy to accept one, in all other respects it looks like a fine rendition.


all the best, Larry


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There certainly were plenty on sale in Plymouth yesterday -  I counted 13 - and no sign of a recall notice.

I've been following the back and forth regarding the fin. It's unfortunate but certainly doesn't look like it makes it 'unbuildable'. It helps that its not a a kit likely to appeal to the absolute beginners (if this as a series 1/2 or starter kit then it's would be a different level of problem). But still it's good that some shops are willing to open boxes and return the worst without questions. 


Theres also been a couple of more isolated problems around the exhaust and rear canopy openings so worth checking if you have one open. 


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I’m not sure the mountain out of a molehill analogy is fair. As the problem is real and tangible and not a few problems.

Social media and forums allow modellers to comment on any number of kits and issues percieved or real get commented on.  All manufacturers get this treatment Airfix is no different.

What has happened is this kit has a seemingly common fault ( or Faults) that adequate QC should have prevented. It’s the ongoing QC issues that are the real driver of online ire...

We feel more empassioned with Airfix mainly I guess as we all have a connection with it and also there marketing is very much done on a co creation basis. The problem is they are good at telling us about the good stuff, new Hunter, workspace Wednesday, etc but not so good at ’owning’ the bad stuff. The co creation is a one way door.

If Airfix improved its QC then the issue gets resolved. It’s that simple.

What the arrangements are for return of faulty stock from retailers back to Airfix Are ultimately between Airfix and the retailer. 




Scooby Doo

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I'm missing my clear sprue?

For those who received the kit, was this in the sealed bag? Or was it outside the bag?

I sent a request to the spares department. Although I see Airfix has a new policy about spare or missing parts.



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 Its not good form to spam the forum with the same post in another area. I have answered your original post.

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