S1:72nd Scale WW2 Bomber Re-Supply Set


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I haven't done any vehicles for quite a while as aircraft modelling is my main interest and previously I have stayed away from Airfix's 1;76th scale vehicle range, being the wrong scale for me.  


However when this new tool kit was released a few years ago I had to have it!!

It contains some interesting vehicles that I haven't previously seen in kit form (though they may be out there) and for me its in the correct scale to supply my 1:72nd scale RAF aircraft. The kit was in my stash for a while but I have decided now is the time.


The kit contains 5 large sprues of grey plastic with vehicles, bombs and lots of accessories! There is 1 clear sprue with vehicle windows which I believe is a first for Airfix at this scale (if you exclude the former JB Models tools that airfix now own).

The first vehicle started was the Standard Tilly Utility Car. Some parts were sprayed on the sprue like the chassis whilst I assembled the truck body before paint.

About the only thing I can see missing from the kit is a driver and any other ground crew personnel. SHAME ON YOU AIRFIX!! So I made a visit to my spares box and found a former crew member from an old tool Airfix Refueling Set, he was given a new uniform and a promotion!

Thats it for tonight. The Tilly probably won't take long to finish, but the whole set will take a bit longer as Im likely to do an aircraft between vehicles??


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I made a little progress tonight, and got a couple more panels painted before some assembly can start, hopefully tomorrow night once the paint has dried thoroughly.

And I've had a change of heart. I was going to do the body overall in Olive Drab with a light canvas hood, but have decided to follow the instructions so I'll have to do some masking for the black areas once the body and hood have been put together.

I did the wheels last night, not my best effort but once some more dirt weathering is applied they'll look OK?


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Further progress ......

A bit of awkward masking for the black camo pattern.

Not easy masking on such a small surface with difficult front wing areas so some touching up with a hairy stick was required!

After a coat of Klear, the 4 decals were applied before another Klear coat and the the weathering.

But its now finished and the masking was removed from the windows.

I didn't cement the 2 canvas hoods so I can remove them depending on what type of display I finally decide upon, and if I want to add stores or another ground crew figure in the rear?


And a image of the driver before he was added when his office was buttoned up.


Thats it for now, until I start another vehicle from the set but I haven't decided which 1 it'll be yet?


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well done, T2B. Especially your camo and the driver figure! Smile


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Thanks Tomek22.


Doing figures isn't my favourite past time but I don't mind doing the odd 1 or 2 and fortunately I have a few in my spares box! 

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