S1:76th Scale Forward Command Post


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I have done 2 other dioramas in the past couple of years but I do normally concentrate on 1:72nd scale aircraft from WW2 era and RAF Cold War Jets.


However this is for a Model Club build and the theme is 'German Armour', in any scale and from any era. But seeing as my main interest is WW2, I'm going to be doing a German tank from 1944 and hopefully the diorama will being it to life. Sadly I wont be able to do a build post on this forum of the tank as its not an Airfix kit, but hopefully I'll be able to include it in my finished photo.


I started by digging my Airfix Forward Command Post from my stash.

Although its a Humbrol box release the kit is stamped with Airfix Products 1975, and in the first release you were provided with a vacform base as part of the kit. This was deleted from the kit at about the time Humbrol took over and even in the most recent Hornby release you only get the building and accessories, no base!


So I had delved into the aftermarket for the base when I bought the Command Post a few years ago so this was also in my stash!

I have used these before (for my North African Outpost) and they are a pretty good replica so I'm assumimg that they must be licenced copies? Anyway I'll start by painting the base and trying to pick out the detail ........ ?

John Symmons

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Hi T2B.

This shold be an interesting build. Looking forwards to seeing and reading more. Pity this kit's no longer available as these old Airfix diorama bases were always usefull, and I'm sure they'd still sell.

Rember we do this for fun                        John the Pom


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Yes it could be very interesting, or a disaster lol. I've done a couple of dioramas before which were ok but its daunting when you see some of the professional builds others do. But part of the Model Club builds (every 3 months) is to push you out of your comfort  zone and try new things ??

But on with the build .....

The building parts were painted on the sprues as were some of the field accessory parts.


And I was able to press on with the vacform base. The colours are Humbrol enamels and all brush painted so I had to leave it for a couple of hours in a warm dry place between colours/coats. Once I was happy with the colours, although some of the detail of the rubble etc is a little bulky and vague, a coat of Klear was sprayed on then a dirty wash was applied to highlight certain areas. It'll be given a Matt varnish later when the building and some more detail is added.


Placed next to the Box artwork for comparison.


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In between doing my aircraft I have got most of the building fram completed....

The building is only placed on the base at the moment and won't be cememted until all the accessories are ready in case I need to remove it for easier access.


Even the inside of the building is well detailed so I have continued the theme of trying to make it look battle scared!

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