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 The 10% discount is a useful bonus, although I agree it would be nice if the voucher

a) arrived in a timely manner (I bought the club specialist spitfires well before my voucher arrived, so don't really want other kits) or

b) was useable against anything in the catalog (or even partly with a club kit - if I buy a £16.99 club kit, I lose the remainder - unless I buy another.    If the balance could be used against P&P, or other kits in the order, that would be better)


The 10% discount while a nice "headline" for the club, isn't all that great a perk either when looked at closely...  when you consider that in general most of the kits can be found elsewhere for less than the official Airfix shop.. plus the P&P costs appear to be on the high side too...


An example...


  • Order Summary
  • 1 x BBMF Collection Gift Set 1:72 - A50158
  • £29.99
  • Subtotal £29.99
  • Delivery £4.98
  • Discount -£3.00
  • Total £31.97 <--- Price after "discount"

Now check the Airfix BBMF kit on Amazon it's being sold (including free delivery - not Prime) for £26.99



Hi Swampster,

You do have a point with the cost of the postage, but the sensible thing to do would be to make sure your order is over £30, then it's free postage. For instance I always need a tinlet or two of paint, so in your example, if you had added a tin of humbrol , which I think costs £1.60 or £1.70, you would have gone over the £30 mark, and it would have cost you less overall.

However, I'm in the lucky position where I live within 2 or 3 miles of the Hornby visitors centre, and often pop in when I'm passing. If you show your card here you get 20% discount, and this includes already discounted items. Lucky me I guess!



How about allowing members to download the latest catalog?

Those of us who live abroad would really appreciate this, as shipping charges are high for a big, heavy book.


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Really hope Hornby go back to a club kit next year as opposed to a voucher, know the voucher gives you some choice as to what you can get but always thought the kits were good,or even if Hornby stick with the voucher make it so you can spend it on any Airfix product as opposed to club kits.

What 'choice' Alan ? the 8 in the lists I could find are just NOT my cup of tea, and there is not anything else remotely availiable, not even a Beagle Basset or a Beaufighter or a pack of plastic soldiers that one can choose from. I mean its not like you cant buy all these 'Club Exclusives' on Ebay and the like... ;) is it ???

Cheers, Stu.


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Its seems to be good in theory .....but redundant in practise!


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My suggestion to Airfix. Give up the club its not what it was and it seems like that Hornby are not interested on supporting it anymore.


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 I've found the 10% discount to be a really nice perk. I consistently save more each year on orders than I spend on the club membership. It also helps that I am outside the UK (and the EU for that matter). I always order enough to get free shipping to the US and then, with the removal of VAT plus the 10% club discount, kits bought on the Airfix UK site are significantly cheaper than those bought through the Airfix USA side of the website. The downside recently is that Airfix UK has been out-of-stock on most of this years new releases for quite some time, whereas they are currently available through Airfix USA. Unfortunately, the club discount does not apply to kits bought though the US side of the website.

If the club continues and keeps the voucher then it needs to be applicable to the entire Airfix product line. I do find the lack of club exclusive kits to be disappointing, especially as we are only talking about decal and box changes for the most part, or use of alternate parts already in the kit to produce a new version e.g. the new 1/48 Hurricane I has all the necessary parts for a Sea Hurricane I, it just needs new decals.

The other way to go would be to team up with Eduard or Aires to produce club exclusives that are equivalent to the Eduard ProfiPak  kits: Airfix plastic parts, Eduard photo-etch/resin or Aires resin parts,canopy/clear part and wheel masks to produce something that could be sold in smaller quantities at a price premium. Some simple conversions might then be possible like:

  1. a Harrier T.12 from the current GR.7/9 using a resin two seater nose
  2. resin two seater nose conversion for the 1/48 Lightning F.1/1a/2/3 to get a T.4 or T.5
  3. Canberra T.17 conversion for the 1/48 B.2/6/20
  4. Canberra T.4 conversion for the 1/48 B.2/6/20

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