SAirfix Ki-46 II 'Dinah' build

Adam Knauss

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Hello everyone, I have just recieved this kit and and is the rebox of the old tool. I have aready started building, (sorry!), but I thought I would share the rest of the build with you. I have build the Japenese Zero and I thought I would make this one in squadron with each other. I am not building this kit to a historical standerd, but to my own satsifaction. I don't know if they were around at Pearl Harbor.

Here is the box, 

Adam Knauss

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I have already built the main body of the aircraft, and have been building the engines now.

here is the plane I have built up so far.

Adam Knauss

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Engines ready, and build, below.


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Looks like Admin have combined your posts, when you want to update it with your build progress just click the reply box rather than creating a complete new thread for each update.


But looks a nice kit and I have one in my stash which I could add to my Zero too. Will be interested to follow your build!

John Symmons

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Hi Adam.

This is quite an interesting aircraft and has recieved very little attention from model companies. It's often considered one of the most areodynamicly clean aircraft made during WW2. The Ki 46 first flew in 1939 so would have been in service at the time of Peal Harbour.

The first one's (Ki 46-1) managed 312 mph at over 26,000 ft on only two 850 hp engines. the Ki 45-II managed 375 mph at 19,000 ft that's as fast or faster than the Mosquito with less hp (Two 1500 hp engines ) and a range of over 1500 miles, all by 1941. there was even talk of Germany producing it under licence, it was that good. Like the Mossy it often went unarmed as nothing could catch it at that altitude. It was only quite late in the war that the newer fighters had any chance of intercepting it.

The final version (Ki 46-III ) could manage 397 mph with boosted engines and had a range of almost 2,500 miles.

This is one aircraft that Airfix could easily re-tool,and it would sit nicely with the Zero and Kates, as this old kit is a bit sparten by todays standards, though it still make up reasonably well. We can always live in hope.

Looking forwards to seeing the final result.

Remember we do this for fun                    John the Pom


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I remember thinking that it was "sleek but bare" back in the day (early 1970s).

Though I fly through the shadow of the valley of death, I shall fear no evil, for I am at 65_000 feet and climbing.

Adam Knauss

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Thanks for your support! Here is the plane painted number 90 humbrol biege green. I am using it because it came with the Zero, and I wanted it to match. 

Here it is,

Adam Knauss

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I have now constucted the landing gear, on to installment and gear doors. I am quite surprised, actully, how the parts all fit like a dream, and very little flash on the whole kit.

here are the landing gear, constructed, and ready:


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The build is cominjg on well. Though I can't see the biege green colour, may just be a trick of the light. Unfortunately Airfix don't seem to do any colours especially for Japanese aircraft, hence the nearest colour match Hu90?


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 When I built my Dinahs I asked the IPMS Japanese SIG about the correct colours and they gave me this mix:

15 parts Hu: 127 Satin US Ghost Grey + 6 parts Hu: 130 Satin White + 1 part Hu: 3 Gloss Brunswick Green

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