SAny ideas for a good bomber planes for a newer person to modelling?


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I wanted to make a plane, spesifically a bomber plane. I maybe only like raining down hell on cities, and I also want something to fill my desk with. Any ideas?


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Without sitting next to you and knowing how big your desk is its diffucult to say.

What period of history are you interested in?

WW1 there is the Handley Page O/400

WW2 Airfix's new Lancasters and B-17s are good

If you're into jets maybe the Valiant or Victor

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To start off with, maybe a mosquito or a blenheim. Then move on to wellingtons and whitleys.

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There are some good shouts in the previous posts but it largely depends on your modelling skill and the difficulty factor you require? The older Airfix toolings are a good starter point as simpler but with a little care still make good kits. The newer tool kits are more complicated and with a greater parts count but do make a better finished model! 

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Hi Aida.

Your question abouit a bomber kit to start with; I'd recommend either the DeHaviland Mosquito both the Airfix and Tamiya offerings in 1/72 scale are both very good and both make up into quite repectable models of what was arguably the most photogenic bomber of WW 2; especially in a flying configeration. The other iconic bomber is in the jet era and being the Canberra, again another photogenic aircraft and again looks better in the flying mode. Both aircraft are made by Airfix and are quite reasonably priced. While maybe not true novice models with a little care and patience should pose few problems to an adult beginner. the Mosquito comes out at just over a 9 inch span and the Canberra finishes up at almost 11 inches long so shouldn't take up too much real estate on your desk.  Hope this helps and would love to see the finished result.


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At great risk, I would observe the following.

The list of aircraft given in the replies covers some famous and interesting models of British aircraft, any of which would look great on a desk.

As a ‘newer person to modelling’, I would not question your skill, but I would question the stock of supporting materials needed to turn out one of these kits - paint, tools, painting implements, etc.

Finally, if it’s to be located on a desk, I assume it will be there for all to see. Your self satisfaction will require it to be well finished.

Again, at the risk of being accused of heresy, had you considered a Corgi die-cast from the Hornsby stable?


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Or, for US types, the Douglas Skyraider and LTV A-7 Corsair II are both useful "bomb trucks", capable of close air support rather than just "strategic" bombing.

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I think that if you're considering a 1/72 WW2 subject then a Lancaster or Flying Fortress are often favourites. Post war a Vulcan is a patriotic choice and looks good. I can't help thinking though that the bomber that really looks the part is the B58 Hustler, the Italeri kit can still be found. Sorry to bring up a non Airfix kit but I wish they would produce an up to date model of this iconic aircraft. Probably not much chance but you never know? 


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Of course, if you ask 10 modellers you'll get 150 suggestions Tongue Out

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Well, we've got at least 14 so far, and we've only mentioned some UK and US designs...

Though I fly through the shadow of the valley of death, I shall fear no evil, for I am at 65_000 feet and climbing.

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