SBeagle Basset and Helldiver as Classic releases?


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Beagle Basset A02025-5 and Curtis Helldiver A09031


What are the chances of Airfix releasing these in the classic range?


The Helldiver saw the light of day more recently with French markings.  So would it be the 1967 incarnation or include French markings?

With the types of aircraft they rereleased this year, quite likely. More so for the beagle I think. Some cars would be nice too.

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The Basset was done as a limited release a couple of years ago after Airfix ran polls on various subjects/genres. Purchase was by direct order. Given the poor general response I doubt this will be repeated. The Basset just about got enough votes to get a run moulded, I can’t see a repeat happening in the foreseeable future. The Helldiver was re-released a few years back, personally I would like to see this as a new tool kit.


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I got one of those Kitstarter Bassets and I for one would not be happy see it released in a VC box at a lower price. 

But I really don't see it happening as those few selected moulds (Bassett plus half a dozen more unsuccessful types) were only guaranteed for a run of 2000, hardly enough for mass marketing 


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I got 1 of those Basset kits on the KitStarter release, but judging by the over all failure of that promotion (I mean even the DHC Beaver didn't secure enough votes to get a limited production run) so cannot imagine Airfix repeating the experience! 


But yes I agree the Curtiss Helldiver should get the new tool treatment to compliment the new Wildcat, Zero & Kate. Other classic US Navy aircraft should also be updated with new tools such as the Hellcat, Corsair, Dauntless, Devastator and Avenger. All would be popular on both sides of the pond!!


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Oh and I forgot the Japanese element, the Val and Dinah to complete the Pacific foes!

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