SBritish Army Colours


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Don't know I how I forgot this, White Ensign Models makes a Modern British Army Green, stock ARB 06. Sprue Brothers carries it here in the states (not trying to free advertise, just point of information). It's the  overall green I've seen Land Rover XDs (Wolf) and Challenger IIs in. Not to say can't be used only for overall green schemes, sure can be used in green/black camouflage as well. Just has distinct green colour as opposed to the greenish/grey seen from 70s to 90s. Really enjoy reading everyone's input to this, much more complicated than just "green" given on instruction sheets! You guys that have actually worked on this in the military are the best information sources, much more reliable than "official government (or ministry) sources".


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This might jog someone's memory:

In one of the lat 70s Airfix Annuals,  Alan Hall had an article about British Army landrover colours.  I'm having problems locating my copy but if I do, I'll report back


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I saw the documentary about the Tower of London on telly last night. I was particularly interested in the clip of the Honourable Artillery Company detachment. Three 105mm light guns with Pinzgauer tractors, and a Land Rover. All of them immaculately finished in gloss deep bronze green. Glad to see the old colour is still going strong.


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Xtracolour make NATO Green BS 285, stock no. X18. Its more of a brown than green, not at all like Tamiya's NATO Green. Xtracolour matches the green from mid 80s to late 90s on many vehicles, FV 432 , Saxon, Challenger I and even some early production Wolf Land Rovers. Most vehicles I've matched it to were in BAOR- makes sense I guess. Usually seen with black disruptive bands as opposed to overall Green. Of course there are exceptions....

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