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Hi, how often are  new club models released? 


Never Apparently! The last one was well over 18 months ago.


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I think Hornby are trying to kill the club off.

Ian Evans

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This is a bit of an annoyance... recently paying to rejoin the club I was sent my pack which amongst other things contained a Voucher for £20 off 'exclusive club models'   problem is that having been a member for a couple of years or more I have all the current exclusive kits (with the exception of the 1/48 Me-109's but they are no longer available it appears) in some cases two or three of each as I never just spend the £20 but usually buying the allowed three kits putting whatever cash is needed.  However the £20 value is now nullified as its pointless buying the same models over and over... if they don't add exclusive kits anymore they could at least let us use the £20 value towards purchases from the site.

I always use the site to purchase new kits as obviously I benefit from the 10% and again I like to think Hornby benefit as I never just buy one kit its usually three at a time, though now I have to admit that due to what I see as a disappearing benefit of being in the club and reducing the value of being a member I do now look around elsewhere to see if i can find the kits I want cheaper.

I wish a decision would be made one way or the other

They have offered to swap the £20 for a £15 voucher that you can spend on anything when asked.....hopefully they still do, may well rejoin the club to cash in flying hours

I went  to Margate at the weekend and went to the factory sale. Amazing sale and spent £109. Problem is I live near Manchester so won't be traveling the 5+ hours again. Anyone can buy no membership required so why can't these over stocked models be added to club models and give those who don't live down South a chance. Surely the club models can be revamped now and again if you've got that much stock.

I have got a few ideas for club exclusive new model Pitts s2s raf be12 mg q type and fn tt rep

Why is my undercarriage stuck to my thumb?

Hi Airfix. Have just joined and am trying to spend my £20 voucher on A73009 "First and Last Harriers". Hmmm. Although advertised on your blurb you sent me, it doesn't appear to be available. OK, not to worry, let's get the A73008 Tornado GR4 in 617 Sqn markings...what: not available either?

I have Spitfires coming out of my ears, not interested in the Tucano which leaves me with a choice of: ONE. I don't wish to sound ungrateful but as a Scot based near Edinburgh, I cannot readily use the 2:1 offers. I'm left wondering what's in the Airfix Club for me?

Off to use my new Humbrol workstation...


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 I have to say that the club has worked out fairly well for me. In 2016, I traded the £20 voucher on club kits only for a £15 general voucher and essentially got my £15 Download only - Club Membership fee back. I've saved over £60 with the 10% club discount, and I've got a number of kits using flying hours.

Arte et Labore

It's gotten pretty poor now.  I wanted the Tornado club kit, but it's not there.

Really Humbrol!  What is the point of the club if you're going to give us such little choice?

I'll redeem my flying hours and that will be the end of it because you are killing the company and fans.

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