SCromwell Cruiser Tank 1:76


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An Airfix Cromwell Cruiser Tank in 1:76. I looks very used.


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that is one helluva nice build

what!! 11 o'clock already! i should realy stop modeling and get to bed.


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Thank you! Smile

If Airfix make more 1/76 tanks like this I'd buy lots. This kit is fatastic.

Lots of great builds here too.

After 7 weeks of grabbing an hour here and there. This kit is fantastic. More tanks like this one Airfix, please.


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Thats a good finish. I'm impressed by the new solid tracks, joining the old flexible tracks up has always been a pain. Individual link tracks used by other manufacturers look good but are a bit fiddley. I notice the new Tiger 2 has a slight variation on the rubber band tracks but I haven't made mine yet so I'll have to reserve judgement.

Where can I get a better look at thise King Tiger tracks? Are they rubber?

Thanks jopres57. I have a Crusader in the stash, but it will have wait until next year.

I've gone back to something i was in the middle of 5 years ago.


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@Michael Williams

Where can I get a better look at thise King Tiger tracks? Are they rubber?

The tracks are similar to the old plastic bands (someone on this site says they are a bit too short), the main difference being the ends have a slightly more secure hook and eye type connection; One end is T-shaped and the other has a small rectangular hole.

Incidently, speaking of old models, I was recently looking at this site which I found fairly interesting. It brought back a few memories: 

Many of you may have seen it, others may not.

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