SGerman Leopard 1


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Here is a picture of the old Airfix Leo 1.

It is a very old kit and easy to build.


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Nice build, this would be a set that I would like to see Airfix produce again.


John Symmons

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Nice looking build Tomek22 hope to see more, keep them coming.

Remember we do this for fun     John the Pom


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Hi, folks, thank you!! I like to see this tank from Airfix again, too, and some other vehicles, maybe new ones?!


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I used to see quite a few of these trundling around the northern German training grounds back in the seventies and they were impresive. They had a good turn of speed and seemed to be very reliable. They also always looked smart, with what appeared to be a coat of high quality satin dark grey paint.

The Leopard 1 kit was a favourite of mine, I originally built one shortly after its original release which I think was in 1971. I built another one which I obtained from e-bay last year. I was hoping to post pictures for the first time but can't get the hang of it. Can someone point me to the part of the forum that gives info?


Dad Paul B

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There is an upload picture button in the bar at the top of the post entry text box. That will take you to upload. The only issue is an upper limit on image size of around 2 MB which trips an upload error.

Paul - Classic Jet Fan


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These are the picsI tried to upload yesterday. The model and the pics may not be much good but it's good practice.

The painting of the tools on the hull side used a bit of artistic licence to give a bit of colour. In reality they were more or less the same grey shade as the tank.

I was surprised that the kit tracks were a bit too long, I don't remember this from my first build. Could be that some tracks from another kit had been added to the box?


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@jopres57 - The pics look a bit soft focus, so it's hard to be certain, but those tracks look like an M48 Patton tread pattern, which is really odd because I can't think of a 1/7n scale M48 issued with rubber band tracks!

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