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Dear Forum,

I have recently joined this wonderful community and I am, obviously, new to Airfix. I have decided to add this amazing activity to my hobbies and I just have a newbie question: I have got this Junkers Ju87B-2 as a present and I would like some guidance regarding the tools, paints and any other additional things which need to be purchased prior to starting to build this aircraft. I am actually into ships and, after I finish this aircaft I will be ordering a ship model to build. More exactly, can I buy a general tool box kit, paints, etc..and from where?

Many thanks for your replies and looking forward to future colaboration,



If you are in the UK, hobbycraft will sell everything and if you are abroad you can find a dedicated model shop to buy everything

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Some places are obvious - local hobby shops if your lucky enough to have one, Hobbycraft have a large choice of tools and accessories not only in the modelling aisles but also some useful stuff scattered around the other craft sections eh. wire, chain, tissue paper etc.


If there's neither then maybe look out for train or rc sellers which have a lot of overlap with plastic modelling.


DIY stores and even Wilkinsons etc can provide cheap sanding tools, tweezers, cutting mats etc etc.


Basically keep you eyes open as tools and accessories can show up in the most unlikely places. 

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The small toolset on the accessories page is enough to get you started, if you're buying elsewhere it gives you an idea what to look for.


After investing in a decent craft knife handle(s) plus blades, I would suggest a good set of needle files and assorted tweezers would be very useful. Swann Morton scalpel handles are very good, as would be an assortment of their blades. You'll need abrasives, personally I prefer the sponge sanders that you can get nowadays, like these:


Also very handy for final polishing, especially to get transparencies sparkling, is a two/three way nail polisher. My personal favourite is The Edge Super Shiner.


One of these days I'll get around to doing a 'beginners - what you need to get started' piece.


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Tools Swann-Morton scalpel A good hobby knife (not a big Stanley type) with a few blades, straight edged and curved. Zip-lock plastic bags (various sizes) Side cutters Sandpaper/sanding board/file or wet & dry Glue A decent pair of tweezers with a good grip at the tips A wooden block or cutting mat Any paint brushes you buy should be good quality ones, you will require 3 or 4 different sizes, Winsor and Newton are recognised as being quite good, and look after them.

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Nothing wrong with a 'big Stanley knife' if your comfortable using it! I've been using 1 for nearly 5 decades and only added a small craft knife to my tools about 10 years ago. Have modernised that lately to a Swann-Morton but the Stanley knife still makes an appearance when required!!


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Booksale had this reduced, a great guide on all aspects of scale modelling




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A set of mini-drills and a pin vice (aka a pin chuck) without a knob on the end (the knob makes it much easier to break bits).

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My top tip from someone who has just got back into model making after a gap of 35 years is to buy an airbrush.  £60 will get you the whole kit including a compressor, hose etc.  Then all you need are paints and thinners (if you use acrylics then water can be used).

Sanding sticks, tweezers etc from poundland - no need to pay inflated prices for the same thing from a model shop.

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@captain triggers

If you are in the UK, hobbycraft will sell everything and if you are abroad you can find a dedicated model shop to buy everything

Thank you! I live abroad and use mainly Amazon. Have already ordered the workstation, a medium tool set and cement. These were the only ones which I could easily find on Amazon. Now I need to find brushes and paint. I have details on the paint (some random numbers and A and B) on the model's case but here is where I am confused. Why they couldn't simply print on the case itself or inside on the buillding instructions what kind of paint one's need for this model. As I said, I got this as a gift and it is a level 4 so you can imagine that it is not easy for a rookie. Thankk you anyways for taking the time to write! KR,

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