SMe262 Fail

I messed this kit up so much lmao. This is the second scale model kit i've made, first one was an Emhar Mark V. The constuction of this kit was great, basically no gaps. Then i painted it, didn't use masking tape to make a decent line between the under and top of the plane, I did thin it but brush marks are present. Then mottling, i failed miserably. I didn't thin out the paint enough when dotting it on, and i didn't have any Humbrol clear to dull the effect. Lets just say the next time i get a kit, im going to thin the paints some more haha.

Heather Kay

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I wouldn’t give up on it. There are various model paint strippers available which would let you take the paint back off and try again.

If you decide not strip the model, then keep it as a practice piece to try various painting ideas and techniques on.

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I've seen worse, and mottle camoflage is a notoriously difficult thing to get right (I've still never managed).

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Skills are acquired over a period of time. Those who have never made a mistake have not made anything. Many models we see on line have years of experience behind them. I find it annoying when someone pops up with a really good build and says "this is my first model" - I wonder how many they threw away and didn't count. The day I make the perfect model will be the day to give up this hobby, because I won't be able to make a better one.

Keep at it and enjoy the journey.

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Don't give up on it yet. You may want to try priming, then repainting. Let the current coat of paint CURE, I'd give it two weeks. A great primer is Rust-Oleum American Accents Primer. Most big box stores will have it. In my opinion it works just as well as Tamiya primer. Don't worry about filling the panel lines in with too much paint, the ME 262 had a panel -free surface for the most part. 

For the mottling, experiment with a small piece of sponge. 

Hang in there! When things go perfectly, you're not learning much, overcoming problems will make you a better modeler.

( I have several painting disasters in my Box of Doom!)

John Symmons

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Hi Daniel.

I can only echo the above comments My first models back in 1950's were no better than yours in fact my first Albatros had silver tyres and paint and glue finger prints all over it. We've all made some models that we're not that proud of and I congatulate you for showing your failure, it's an inspiration to other new-comers, and and a reminder to us more expierianced modellers of where we all come from. 


If you've used Acrylic paint it can be easily striped of using meths. then you can try again, and believe me painting a straight line is almost impossible on a curved surface. Check the techniques forum for useful tips and advice, and as Paws4thot says mottling is notoriously difficult especially with a brush and acrylics, even with a stippling btush.


Hope this helps and looking forward to hearing and seeing more of your adventures.


Remember we do this for fun                                           John the Pom

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