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With the Airfix Forum having just been launched, I thought it would be a great idea to have all our new users post a little about themselves.


How long have you been interested in kit building? What was your first kit? What is your favourite model? If you dared put a number to it, how big is your stash?


Feel free to post anything about yourself but do keep in mind that you should avoid posting personal details.


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My name is Dave Coventry and I am 50-something! I made models during my school days but stopped when I joined the Royal Navy in 1976. I resumed modelling in 2004. Since then I have made models of all types including builds for Airfix.

In April 2006 I created The Airfix Tribute Forum when the old forum was shut down without warning. Hopefully, this new Airfix forum will last a lot longer.

My stash is huge - 442 kits and of those, 280 are Airfix!

My favourite model was a commisioned build for the Royal Navy that Airfix asked me to make on their behalf. It was handed over to the ship for it's naming ceremony in July 2014:

Hope to see an Airfix kit of this ship in the future!


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My name's Adam and I'm an Airfixaholic... Or just obsessed as my wife would put it. I've been building Airfix (and other manufacturers...tut tut) since I was 5. I'm now 48 so thats quite a long time... No breaks in that time either for what some would call more "grown up" activities. 1st Airfix model I ever made Westland Whirlwind HAR Mk 1 helicopter.. Bedtime companion throughout my youth was the latest Airfix catalogue....oh those were the days.  My main model interests in preferential order are Aircraft,Milittary Vehicles, Ships, Spacecraft fact and fiction and figures.

Braille Dave

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48, and been building kits since I was 10 (My very first kit all those years ago was a DH Comet- Came free after collecting the tokens on breakfast cereal boxes).

Gave up the hobby for a while, but came back to it last year, during an extended period of depression- you know the thing, needed something to do, that wasn't strenuous or needed too much outside stuff and could be creative. Surfing the t'internet one day and I came across the Airfix Tribute Forum, that gave me the impetus and the discovery of the Airfix Bomber Resupply set was the catalyst.

My overiding interest is 1:72/76 Vehicles, with a particular preference for RAF Softskin. Indeed I have a 'Grand Project' to that end.

I will happily build in plastic, white metal & resin, I'll scratchbuild, convert, chop and change, super-detail. I generally brushpaint, although I've started spraying. 

My stash is almost all vehicles, roughly 68, a decent proportion of which is airfix.

Live in Somerset.

Please, please please Airfix!- A Fordson WOT1 in 1:72/6... Or a Bedford RL.... Or a Austin K9.... Or a Leyland 19H.....

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Richard M, I was a member on the original Airfix forum until it's unfortunate demise and a member of the Airfix Club under Humbrol. Joined the Airfix Tribute Forum when Dave Coventry set it up and have been a member there ever since and now Administer it along with my fellow Admins and Moderators who are all a great crew and enthusiastic Airfix modellers, the forum has over 7000 members with well over half a million posts!.

In 2009 I and a few other ATF members founded the IPMS (UK) Airfix Modelling Special Interest Group which has gone from strength to strength and successly attends several model shows each year and puts on a big Airfix display at the annual IPMS Scale Model World Show .

I re-joined the Airfix Club as soon as it was reformed under Hornby and although it hasn't all been smooth and plain sailing, I am hoping all the faults can be ironed out and it can get back to being a premier club for Airfix enthusiasts again.

The Airfix Tribute Forum

A long-time builder, come back to the hobby, but only for the occasnional "got to have one of those" aircraft. (TSR2, Dambusters Lanc, 1/24 Mossie, etc) Just nowhere near as prolific as most on this forum. Retired now, with far too much to do and less time to myself than when I was working. First models were, as far as I can remember, Airix's first kits. Pale blue Spitfire, complete with bombs, early Westland Wirlwind helicopter - without perspex for the windows - and I think, the Lysander. I used to go into Woolworths on my way home from school to see if there were any new Airfix offerings and for a short time, I reckoned I had every Airfix aircraft there was. All in those little plastic bags, at two shillings, (10pence to you!) each. Nowhere near the range there is now though. After I left school and began building to 1/1 scale, I rather lost touch with modelling as a hobby, but always interested in what was available. No idea how many I had at the peak, or even what happened to them, though I suspect most were destined for a hole in the ground somewhere after I left home. My main hobby at the moment is centered on flying a group owned, but not desperately interesting aircraft, (in public eyes at least) which will never see the light of an Airfix day. End result of all that is limited time and space to build all the models I may yearn for.


Some familiar faces here...

I'm Richard and I've been building Airfix kits (along with other brands) for at least forty-five years. I was a regular on the original forum, and I've been contributing to the Airfix Tribute Forum since it was set up.

I can't remember what the first kit I built was, and my favourite Airfix kit is probably still the Martin B-26 Marauder, thought some of the recent releases come close. I haven't dared count my stash in the last ten years, but it must be in four figures.


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Hi, I'm aeronut 


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Hello, David here. 52, south cost of England, getting back into modelling (quality kits only now though). I like all forms of historic transport including days out to those kind of museums. Happy to find a male friend to do that with too. My skills are limited but increasing all the time, hopefully. I look forward to reading tips and seeing photos, hope to pass them on too.


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I'm Daren, 35, and have been getting back into modelling after a break of a few years.

I have FAR too many Spitfires than is healthy....!!!

Cheers, Daren

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