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Hi please can you let me know if I have to spend my new member voucher on club exclusive models only as am creating a diorama for a AVRO LANCASTER B.111

its the club excluisve only I'm afraid 


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Am I right in thinking this is all you can get with the voucher?

Operation Torch 'The Sparks of Liberation' 1:72 - Airfix Club Exclusive

If so can I get 2 with it?


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Yes you can, this is exactly what I did and as I had no intention of building two I gave one to my friend. But hold on! If I were you I would wait till my last week of membership to see if any better kits come out and if not, only then buy the kits.

Happy building!



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That's a good suggestion, I think I'll hold on to it a while longer. Thanks Rael.


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The Operation Torch Airfix Club Exclusive is a great value way to buy the excellent Swordfish kit and the fun and easy to build Hurricane II kit. I have the regular boxing of the Swordfish and Hurricane IIc so I have spare decals. Therefore, I bought a second one of these last year with value left on my voucher after getting the Specialist Spitfire. While it is good value, I have to ask myself, do I want four of these or is two enough already?

So, I'm waiting to see if there is another club kit coming. It isn't a big deal, I can add to my collection of Swordfishes and Hurricanes if I have to and enjoy making them. I build models because it makes me happy and I refuse to get twisted about the lack of club kits but I am having to try harder than normal to not get in a twist about it this year. Surely some new club kit is due out sometime for those who already have what is being offered?

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