SPanzer IV Ausf. F2 1/76


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Just had another 'back to the future' experience with this old kit after seeing it back on sale in the Classics range. It seems a bit ropey now but I remember this was state of the art when it first appeared. It was certainly a big step up in quality from the Airfix  sixties tanks.

The driver is a Preiser figure while the commander is from the Revell Luftwaffe set. I think it's been mentioned before on this forum that the latter figures are particularly good value. 

After all these years I have only recently noticed that the drum on the back is an exhaust, I always assumed it was some kind of fuel tank. I built the model as per the instructions but can't help thinking that having a jerry-can full of fuel perched on top of a hot exhaust is probably not a good idea. Has anyone ever seen a picture of a real tank with this configuration?

I've built up a bit of a squad of these over the years. The model on the right was built about ten years ago. The two to the left were both built shortly after the kit was first released. The latter were my first, slightly grim, attempts at weathering and modifications. I hope the kit continues to be released, but perhaps a bit of an update is in order.


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Maybe the Jerry can was filled with water. A WW2 tank commander I knew said they didn't carry fuel externally in case they were hit (and he'd had 3 tanks blown from under him).

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I think your old friend has a good point there Ratch. I remember in the seventies it was quite common to have fuel cans on the outside of British armoured vehicles, usually Kero (Paraffin) for cooking. It's likely that a valuable lesson in safety, learned the hard way, had been forgotten. Not for the first time and no doubt not the last.


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5 gallons (that's real gallons, not US 'gallons' too) of fuel isn't much use to a tank!

Even though the Germans didn't know about Benghazi burners lubricating oil, paraffin or water all seem more likely.

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