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In that case it is very probable that it is dust that is the problem.

Hi Paul,  Why was the Canberra altered?

I though you were talking about the SHIP not the plane!  My mistake!


What type of paint are you using?

KGV and POW are the same class sure, but it's rare for 2 battleships to not differ in detail.

That's why I said "Armed with a set of plans ..."

You can still find the KGV around.  Armed with a set of plans I see no reason why one can't built the PoW to 1:600.

Hi Air Lingus .....not quite sure what it is you mean.  Are you new to the forum or new to both the forum AND model building?

Its the original Airfix boxing complete with the JCB. Dapol sold them separately. I don't know about their current availability.


Yes, both the Lowmac and the JCB are available from Dapol.  The Airfix version is becoming rather difficult to find.  I'm still looking for an Airfix 0-6-0 tank engine......  That one is not available from Dapol.


As far as I know it can be used directly out of the bottle without thinning.

Are there any model clubs in your area?  Perhaps you could arrange to take the kits to one of their meetings.  It's best you get some idea of prices before you do though.

Recently a model maker passed away here in Malta and his son contacted the model clubs and agreed times when he would be at home.  Many club members from the area popped in to buy kits.  He had them priced .... not expensive prices ........... but not dirt cheap he sold a lot.  The important thing is to check whether there are any rare kits before you do anything.  Some go for very good prices.

Generally spoke, I think single engine planes are much easier to realize and sell.

Ah..... but just think how lovely a DH Comet Racer would be to 1:24.  I suppose there's no chance of that happening before the planet warms up!


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