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Very nice. It's a brilliant kit...especially so as it's 1/76.

I like the diorama you've made. Lots of work gone into it.

Well done.

Thanks jopres57, i will keep an eye out for the King Tiger and its tracks.

Thanks Ratch. I might get a few more Cromwells. I really liked this kit, and i can rectify the mistakes i made on the first build.

One was such a schoolboy error, i can't believe i done it.

Thanks jopres57. I have a Crusader in the stash, but it will have wait until next year.

I've gone back to something i was in the middle of 5 years ago.

Where can I get a better look at thise King Tiger tracks? Are they rubber?

Very nice, Tomek 22.

The mesh is a brilliant idea.

After 7 weeks of grabbing an hour here and there. This kit is fantastic. More tanks like this one Airfix, please.

Old girl, indeed. Hmmm...the P.C thought police are watching you, jopres57.

What colour did you use on the more recent Crusader, the tan one? Jopres57.

Very nice, Jopres57.

I hope you didn't inhale too much of that smoking sprue!

I think there would be less work involved if the tracks were cut and extended, rather than cut'n'shut the body.

Still...I'll have a better idea when i get aroind to the Crusader build. Will probably go with the rubber ones, as you have.

I've just finished the Cromwell iv...absolutely loved it.

Thanks for the quick reply, Ratch.

I wonder if there's a way of fitting the new Cromwell iv tracks to the Crusader?

I really like the small scale armour. If all the tank kits were revised and updated to the Cromwell iv type of tracks, there would be a whole lot of youngsters (and us older modellers) getting a more satisfactory result from the builds.

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