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I ordered some stuff in the Black Friday sale Tuesday last week. According to the DPD website, it was picked up on the Thursday and they tried to deliver on the Friday (though I didn't get a card through my door) and then again on Monday this week (when I did get a card through my door).

I saw on the card that they could deliver to a Pickup shop and on checking their website, I saw my local newsagent was a Pickup shop, so I went to the delivery options page on the website - no Pickup shop option.

I emailed them to ask why not  and got a reply on Tuesday that Hornby doesn't allow that option. As I had today booked as a day off work, I went back on to their website to have the parcel delivered today.

The tracker on the website was showing that I had rebooked the delivery until noon, when it changed to "Return to consignor has been requested" and "Your parcel is on its way back to Hornby Hobbies". I didn't request that change.

I've emailed their customer services, who sent back an automated reply saying I'd be contacted wthin 90 minutes. That was two hours ago...

A de Havilland Venom (or three - fighter/bomber, night fighter and Sea Venom) would fit with the other recent British classic jet aircraft releases in 1/72 scale. I'd also like to see the Gloster Javelin and de Havilland Sea Vixen reduced to  1/72 scale - I bought one of each of them in 1/48 scale, but I'd go for multiple examples in the smaller scale.

The early versions of the Canberra are sadly lacking in 1/72 scale as well - why Airfix went for the B(I).8 rather than a B.2 or B.6 as a new tool baffles me. 

A new tool Junkers Ju 88, preferably the A-1 variant, would be nice, and would be the only Battle of Britain major type not produced as a new kit by Airfix recently.

I agree, but considering that modern Airfix kits have twelve languages on the instructions, they'd need a full-time staff of translators!

I'm currently working on an Minicraft 1/16 scale Mercedes 300SL Gullwing as a commission for a colleague. I should also finish the Airfix Vampire T.11 that's sitting on the shelf of doom at the moment before I start anything else.

Some familiar faces here...

I'm Richard and I've been building Airfix kits (along with other brands) for at least forty-five years. I was a regular on the original forum, and I've been contributing to the Airfix Tribute Forum since it was set up.

I can't remember what the first kit I built was, and my favourite Airfix kit is probably still the Martin B-26 Marauder, thought some of the recent releases come close. I haven't dared count my stash in the last ten years, but it must be in four figures.

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