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This is the first I’ve heard of a recall. However, there seems to be a widespread problem with the leading edge of the fin being short shot. Mine is missing a few millimetres, but I’ve seen worse elsewhere online.

As problems like this affect a manufacturer’s reputation I hope Airfix deal with it promptly and effectively. 

Whilst it may be assumed that 1/72 aircraft would be favourite, I suspect that the reality is that most subjects are widely available either on the second hand market or in better versions from other manufacturers. Kitstarter's strength is in offering a chance to obtain a kit that is of a subject not currently offered and currently hard to find. That is why the birds and historical figures are put forward and not an old tooling of a Spitfire Mk IX.


Surely it is not right to charge customers for replacements when the kit was faulty from new.


In short, no. The goods are faulty, you are entitled to a refund. If Airfix can offer a replacement part as a remedy then good, but they should not be charging you. If Airfix are starting this sort of nonsense I will be a bit disappointed as my experience with their spare parts department has been entirely positive.

The 1/48 Buccaneer has its issues, but I thoroughly enjoyed building it - so much so I bought another. So far no one else has had a go and if auction prices are a guide to demand it may be worth a re-release. 

Assuming the mould still exists I suspect this could soon get enough support. 

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