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Ah that makes sense, so if it was only the SAS or LRDG that used it then it would be factually incorrect to use it in a sea assault kit where obviously the SAS wouldn’t be present nor the LRDG. So in Other words I have used the correct, plain bonnet.

probably means they’ll add one as a part of a desert assault group then as there has already been the airborne Jeep kit so an SAS kit would be rather similar to that airborne kit. And to what I’m aware of there isn’t yet a kit with the Willy’s Jeep that’s in a desert setting. I remember there was a Land Rover desert kit with a few figures etc but perhaps they will release a Willy’s Jeep version obvioudly set around 1940’s

That makes sense. Never stopped to think of it from producer side really. Would be nice if they specified that they are spared though Yh. 

From what I’ve resesrched I can’t seem to find a single picture of a willy’s Jeep that has this alternate hood design. Odd.

@Paul Brown

It's not referenced in the instructions, my guess is it's intended for a future release.


You might get some inspiration for weathering here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rmgx2IijrCk

But surely if they did add it for a future release then they would improve the moulding anyway as there were some light sanding work to be done on this kit to remove some seams etc. So surely when They improve the moulding they could just add this new bonnet? Seems all very odd that they stick it in the kit with absolutely no reference ss to what to do with it. All I know is that its a bonnet that seems more detailed. the two large guns don’t slot into it anywhere and something I have just recently discovered, two handheld lmg’s part a13 that are identical and are also not mentioned in the entire kit also don’t  seem to fit anywhere in the hood either. Thought perhaps it could attatch to the hood to serve as a passenger side gun.

@Dad Paul B

I don't have the instructions any more but from memory this sounds like it relates to the twin .303 machine gun mount on the bonnet which is an alternative to the smooth one but will need to be without the glazing. There are also 2 options for the pillar mounted MG and the canvas top. I built the airborne version and some of the options were not listed in the instructions and I am not sure if the omissions are the same in both sets.

As toweathering in the footwells - a dark earth or black wash is good for getting grime into the corners or weathering pigments (which need a spray varnish) are good for general grubbyness - though the limited space in the jeep will make this awkward.

From what I saw when I looked at the online instructions for the airborne kit they seem to be the same instructions.

for the weathering I think a wash would probably be easier then so I can use enamel thinners to wipe away any unwantEd excess. I’ll dig around and see if I have any for the job.

thanks for the advice.

I have currently gotten around to building up the tiny 1:72 scale Willy’s Jeep provides as a part of the D-day sea assault gift set and an curious to know what to do with part B21. It appears to be a second option from the stock hood but I have seen no mention of the part throughout the instruction manual and have carefully scoured it with no luck. I’m guessing that it’s a later/older version bur Which one would be the more common/accurate for the D-day era?

Also I wish to do some minor dust/sand weathering for the footwell of the Jeep, are there any tips I should be aware of to help me do a decent job of it and not over do it? 

So no water weathering would have occurred on the outside? I knew they are mainly wood but wasn’t aware that this would stop the metal plating being subjected to water damage. Thanks for the info

I am currently attempting to weather 2 Higgins lvcp boats for a d-day sea assault kit I bought a while back (code: A50156) I’m wondering how to get a good line scale affect on the side of the boat as though the boat has seen some good use. I considered using the Humbrol chrome oxide green powder and green wash but chickened out as I have no idea how it will turn out. I’m not that experienced with weathering but am very excited to try it as it looks so cool! I was going to use s dark grey wash for the details and have just used a sand wash and sand/dark earth combo of weathering powders for some muddy sand effect in the lowered hatch door thing. Any tips that people can give me to make it look good as I don’t really know what I’m doing. 



not related but when i try to add an item to wishlist it only shows that 1 and none of the others. if i try to then add another it instead replaces it as if i can only have 1 item. please help.

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