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My latest acquisitions are :

DH TIGER MOTH with RAAF decals

MDD F4 PHANTOM × 2 (have 3 to build)


Would love to see the old Bentley Blower released again with a clean up of the moulds and maybe some photoetch  included. Some more of the car kits of the past if no new ones forthcoming.

Some more of the sailing ships like HMS Victory would be great as well.

I've got a stack of Airfix kits both old and new. I'm 58 years old me have been building Airfix kits since about age 7. Always been one of my favourites.

So there's no movable guns or turrets. So what. I remember when they used to be complained about for being easy to break and hard to mask around.

I think Airfix should be congratulated that their bringing out so many new releases.

The aircraft and other products suit me fine as I've been getting some of the new releases and old favourites that are replacing kits I had as a kid.

Anyway this brings me to the old adage You can please some of the people sometimes but not all the people at all times.

Hi John , I had this kit as a youngster and have recently gotten it back to replace my kits I had as a kid.

I got the Tamiya 48th kit and if you want to do an update to the crew placements  you have to be good at micro-modelling.

The Airfix kit just needs to be described and at the end of the day it's a great little kit.

Cheers Mark 

Hi, Having been a modeller for about 35 years Airfix have been a big part of my building. I started out with the bag kits and slowly worked my way up to the more complex kits. My major purchase being the 1/24 Mosquito that I bought in 2009 and still waiting for me to build. I've seen the brand go through some hard and sad times but this never stopped me from building any of the kits. The take over by Hornby I consider the best outcome for the brand as seeing it vanish would be extremely sad to me. The revamp has been exciting to see and with the publication of the stand alone Airfix Modelworld magazine showing pre-release builds this can only nose well for the future of this iconic brand. All this from an Australian who built his 1st Airfix kit at 7 and hopes to still be building at 80. Kindest regards to all and keep up the wonderful work. Cheers.

Does anyone know where I can find some interior photos of Montys Number. One's that I have found on net only show the top edge if door frames and windscreen. First car kit in 35 years. Mainly build aircraft and some armor. Cheers.

I have a made up kit in Australian Navy markings. I built the kit when I was 20 something, I'm now 56. Still have the model in one peice but she's really starting to look tired. Was a great little kit and my first helicopter.

Hi All, I'm Mark from Australia and am 56 years old. My first build was the old Frog DH110 and then the Frog Gloster Javillen at seven years of age. First Airfix kit was the old McDonnell-Douglas F-4 Phantom in Royal Navy markings. My modelling in those days was the old slap together and then fly them around the room.

I was an air force kid and have fond memories from growing up on air force bases. I was at Amberly when the F-4's arrived and then when they left and the F-111's arrived. Favourite aircraft, the F-4 of course and it doesn't matter what version or which country.

I've built alot of Airfix, Frog, Revell and Hasagawa over my youth. When I "grew up" I joined the army and then modelling fell by the way side. Started up again when I was in my late 30's and been enjoying myself ever since. Currently rebuilding all those kits I had when I was a youngster, even trying totrack down the oddities.

Have built aircraft, armor, ships, cars, space craft, but still come back to aircraft.

So glad when Hornby came to the rescue and saved on of my favourite model companies and can only hope that it goes from strength to strength. Love all the new kit releases and even some of the older rereleases. Only read three magazines ritually and Airfix Modelworld is one of them. The other two both come from England. Any others are only if something in them interests me. Regards to all.

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