SUsing strut material in a model

So I have just got my first short run kit with strut material included. I am wondering that as it is so flimsy, is it the rigging that makes it stronger or is there another method I have to use to strengthen them. By the way there is nothing in the instructions about it so do not suggest that please.

Why is my undercarriage stuck to my thumb?


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 If you tell us what the kit is of, you may get better answers!

Assuming it is a rigged biplane, in the real thing, the struts effectively pushed things (the wings) apart, while the wires held them together, and all the forces were in balance.    As I remember, there were "flying wires" which held the wings down when airborne (weight of the plane supported by the wings) and "landing wires" which held them up when grounded (weight of the wings supported by the fuselage and wheels).

Because of scale issues, struts are always weak and flimsy on models, and rigging doesnt really do too much to help (as it can put further pressure on the struts)

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I replaced all the kit struts on a Frog Wallace with Contrail strut sections. As stated it seems flimsy, but once everything is assembled it is not a problem.


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