SWhat do you want as kits in 2019?

All 1/72 scale

Argosy (RAF)

VC10 K4 ZD241

Avro 707

Super guppy

Tristar (ZE704)

Navy scimiter 

Airbus voyager RAF tanker



Hi there from sunny South Africa,

Some 1/24 scale WW1 kits, such as the S.E.5 or the Sopwith Camel please.

Any decal schemes for some of the SAAF schemes from World War 1 and 2 warbirds would be extremely welcome.  

I love the 1/72 B-17G so much, what I would really love to see yall do next, is a 1/48 B-17G! You guys would blow the Market away with a new 1/48 scale B-17! Would be awesome to have in a diorama with the new 1/48 P-51.


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@Richard Graham


Buccaneer S2

Vulcan B2

HP Hastings C1/C2/T5

Canberra B2/B(I)6

Bristol Belvedere HC1

Javelin FAW9

Hercules C1



Apache AH1

Typhoon FGR4

Meteor NF11/12/13

Harrier GR9


Fingers crossed for at least some of these new tools!



speccy the AH1

i would like to get one but i will only buy airfix (other brands are flash laden)

what!! 11 o'clock already! i should realy stop modeling and get to bed.


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Yak 3

Yak 9



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Yak 3

Yak 9


In 1/72 of course Wink

although a Yak 9 in 1/24.... Surprised


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I'd like to see...

•Avro Manchester

•Avro Lincoln

•Avro Vulcan (new tool)

•Handley-Page Halufax (new tool)

•Vickets Valiant (reintroduced / new tool)

•V-Bomber Resupply (Bluesteel Missile trailer etc)

•Handley-Page Hampden (new tool) 



I'd like to see...

•Avro Manchester

•Avro Lincoln

•Avro Vulcan (new tool)

•Handley-Page Halufax (new tool)

•Vickets Valiant (reintroduced / new tool)

•V-Bomber Resupply (Bluesteel Missile trailer etc)

•Handley-Page Hampden (new tool) 


Yes to all those, Valiant just re-released no need for a new tool there.

In 1/24th Scale I'd like a new tool Spitfire Mk 1, the origional was good for it's time, but it's not upto modern standards.

A 1/24th Mosquito Mk 4 Bomber would be very welcome.

A 1/48th Bristol Blenheim Mk4 Bomber

Any possibility of re issuing the old Multipose Africa Korps and 8th Army?

In 1/72nd scale, my personal interest is Mediterranean campaign, so I'd like ;-

Gloster Sea Gladiator (There are very few kits of this aircraft in this scale,and all are rare and have faults)

Hawker Hurricane Mk 1 with an Akbour filter

Hawker Hurricane Mk 2 d

Bf 109 f2/4

An accurate Bf 109 G6

New tool Fiat G50

A Macchi 200 (the only other option here is a very old Revell kit)

Indeed any WW2 Italian aircraft, just because they're cool!

Bristol Beaufighter Mk 1 (also useful for the Battle of Britain)

Bristol Beaufort Mk 1/2  (only options being the old Frog and Azur kits)

A new tool Spitfire Mk5 b/c

I know, I'm probably fantasizing, but with some of these kits, the Gladiator and the Beaufort for example there are no real alternatives and I think that they would be commercially successful.

1/72 Blackburn Beverly


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