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 I just picked this up at a local shop that deals mostly with gamers and the like. They recently moved locations and I was downtown with some time to kill, so I went in. I knew they had some Warhammer kits, but I didn't know the had mainstream kits. They also have some Tamiya paint and some other Tamiya modelling paraphernalia.




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A successful weekend.


First I found a Revell 1/72 Tornado GR1 in a charity shop. After pondering for a few seconds I decided to donate £3.99 to BHF as a thank you - everyone wins!


Then down to the market where I liberated a couple of pre-owned kits - Airfix 1/72 Roland C.II & Albatros DV.

I simply couldn't resist the simple but very attractive late 80's 'Aces' boxart. The plastic may not be state of the art but they are still very buildable subjects (if I ever get around to them!).


Didn't even make it to the Hobby Shop. Might have to exchange peenies for paint later in the week to keep everyone happy. 


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A couple of recent additions. 


I was tempted to start this 1 straight away but I have other plans so it will have to wait a few weeks!! 


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Some Flory Models sanding sticks and something in 1/16th Scale Cool

All will be revealed on Tuesday (hopefully)

I thought I saw a light at the end of the tunnel, it was some ###### bringing me another loco!!

I got a gnat 1/48 t1(still in post)

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Italeri 1/35 M110A1 Howitzer. 


Been after one for a while but they rarely show up as they don't have the street cred of the Tiger, Sherman, Abrams etc and I believe only Italeri have dipped their toes in the family so far. 

Doubly happy that it's a short barrel version as the A1 only had one box release many moons ago. The wishlist never gets any shorter though as I'm also after a Vietnam era M110(sans suffix)...one day...


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what!! 11 o'clock already! i should realy stop modeling and get to bed.


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My latest acquistion - Heng Long 1/16th RC Challenger 2 Tank - some minor assembly required!

I thought I saw a light at the end of the tunnel, it was some ###### bringing me another loco!!

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