SWorkbench - Edition No.50: Exclusive 2018 Announcement!


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The latest Airfix Workbench marks the 50th edition of the blog and we have something very special for our readers!


An exclusive 2018 announcement of a new model tooling in 1/72nd scale, as well as a competition which offers the winner a unique opportunity to take their place in Airfix history – the must read 50th edition of Airfix Workbench is available now!

Tim Lewis

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 Fantastic, nice one Airfix - the Wellington is one of my favourite WW2 aircraft. As it happens, I'm just finishing off a Coastal Command Mk XIV, the old Matchbox kit - I'm being greedy, but I'd really like to see a new Coastal version of this new kit - just like the excellent Whitley.

Keep up the great work.



'Bout time too MR airfix. Been waiting far to long for this day. YAY!

Why is my undercarriage stuck to my thumb?


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 Great news of the Wimpey

Owner of the Airfix Tribute Forum

Paul Brown

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A very welcome addition to the catalogue.

Heather Kay

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I've acquired a Trumpeter kit for the Wimpy IC, but this news is excellent. I shall definitely get my order in.

Now, if Mr Airfix wouldn't mind retooling the venerable Fairey Battle and HP Hampden kits, my life would be almost complete. Laughing

A professional modeller of railway subjects, and a reborn Airfix fan. Definitely into combat aircraft in service on all sides in the summer of 1940, but known to occasionally veer off into other interesting things!

I am very excited with the news of a new Wellington Mk.IC tooling from Airfix.

A real disappointment of more recent releases of Wellington kits by other manufacturers is the unrealistic depiction of the skinned geodetic surface area on the Wellington. The only manufacturer to have given us a realistic depiction of the surface area, particularly the wings, has been Matchbox (trenchy panel lines aside). I'm hoping Airfix will follow Matchbox's example in this area.

Kit manufacturers need to get away from simply putting raised line detail on a flat surface area (like Special Hobby and Trumpeter) to depict the geodetic structure. This great aircraft deserves more realistic treatment. Certainly, we don't want to see another Wellington that looks like its been shrink-wrapped.

Please Airfx, deliver to us the Wellington holy grail.


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Fantastic News, just what I have been hoping and praying for. Was always one of my favourite aircraft but we have to be honest that the original 1950's tooling was absolutely horrible even 20 years ago (when I did my last Wellington) let alone by todays standards of Airfix's new tools!

Again I want to congratulate Airfix on giving us modellers what we want!!! Well Done

But without being greedy I would echo Heathers comments and wish for a new tool  Fairey Battle & Handley Page Hampden to follow sometime soon. 


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Excellent NewsSmile

"The Battle of France is over. The Battle of Britain is about to begin." Tally Ho


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The 'Loch Ness' Wimpey please (I think it was a 1C) - I helped with some of the restoration as an Apprentice at Kingston.

I thought I saw a light at the end of the tunnel, it was some ###### bringing me another loco!!

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