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Workbench begins 2018 by focusing on the latest new tooling announcement to join the Airfix ranks, the magnificent 1/48th scale Hawker Hunter F.6. With a project of this magnitude, we have unashamedly devoted the entire 64th edition of our blog to Sydney Camm’s jet powered masterpiece, with a host of exclusive development images for your enjoyment.

Dad Paul B

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The renders of the Hunter look impressive as always. There is a lot of chatter on other parts of the Forum about scale choices and it does look like 1/48 is becoming the major scale for new toolings at Airfix (only 1 new 1/72 tool compares to 3 1/48 this year - without actually checking I think 2017 was around 50/50). As I favour 1/72 due to space limitations I am naturally disappointed (I am one of the people clamouring for a Hunter) but I suspect the modelling community has changed since 'I were a lad' and that it has been whittled down to a leaner and meaner group who want to go to town on the level of detail available at the bigger scales rather than the gangs of pre-teen geeks (like myself and schoolmates back in the 1970s) making a 1/72 kit almost every weekend - and manouvring 40 or 50 of them across tables at the school wargames club every week before discovering 1/300 where we could field HUNDREDS. In other words Series 1 and 2 kits are no longer the mainstay of the business.

I am tackiling a few of the bigger subjects in 1/72 (a complete V-Bomber collection for instance, but that is down to professional interest as the Cold War is a big part of what I do for a living, though the Valiant and Victor are fantastic kits in their own right) but I am unlikely to go beyond these now as I don't really have the room to display models of this size (though the Wellington is tempting). I am concentrating on vehicles at the moment for Wargaming (though I am definitely intending to do a Phantom), which has forced me away from Airfix for most subjects (though have just done a couple of the old Universal Carriers). Maybe 2019 will be the year of the Tank with the 75th Anniversary of D-Day in the offing.

So hopefully just a quiet year to keep things ticking over ahead of 2019 with Reissues of the Typhoons and some new Normandy themed toolings.

Paul - Classic Jet Fan


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@ Dad Paul B


I think in many respects you are right that in the mainstay of aircraft modelling seems to have moved upto 1:48th scale from 1:72nd. And yes in 2017 the split was more equal, where as this year it has definiately favoured the larger scale. I started with 1:72nd scale back in the early 70's and have stuck with it for reasons of space limitations and cost. 


A 1:72nd scale Hunter has also been on my wishlist, together with other Cold War jets like the Sea Hawk, Sea Venom, Buccaneer, Jaguar leading upto more modern jets like the Tornado.


I'm sure lots of other modellers have a full wishlist which they will think equally deserving, but my only hope is that we all continue to support Airfix so that it continues to progress and in time we all get some new tool kits from our varied wish lists!!

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