M36B1 GMC (U.S. Army)

M36B1 GMC (U.S. Army)


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M36B1 GMC (U.S. Army)


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| Description

The M36 tank destroyer, formally 90 mm Gun Motor Carriage, M36, was an American tank destroyer used during World War II.  The M36 combined the hull of the M10 tank destroyer, which used the M4 Sherman's reliable chassis and drivetrain, combined with sloped armour.  Conceived in 1943, the M36 first served in combat in Europe in October 1944, where it partially replaced the M10 tank destroyer.  However when coming up against the heaviest tanks of the Wermarcht at the end of that year,  the need for 90 mm gunned tank destroyers became urgent and during October–December 1944, 187 conversions of standard Medium Tank M4A3 hulls were produced by Grand Blanc Arsenal.  These vehicles, designated M36B1, were rushed to the European Theater of Operations and used in combat alongside standard M36s.

y Technical Specification & Detail

Dimensions L213 x W87
Skill 3
Flying Hours 3
Dimensions (mm) L213 x W87
Age Suitability 14+

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M3 Tank Destroyer

This is an excellent kit, well engineered, with an almost perfect part-fit. The interior detail is outstanding, and it was a real pleasure to build. It's also an interesting subject for a model--the open turret means some of the interior detail is still visible. Through my own fault, I had to glue the hatches shut, which concealed the driver's and radio operator's stations. That was the only situation with fit that wasn't perfect. The instructions were a little ambiguous on the hatch hinges, and I got it wrong. Never mind--everything else was wonderful.

The painting guide was good, though I needed reference photographs for details. There were some ammo boxes and backpacks to make the model looked more lived-in, though I had to supplement with other products.

I hope this means we can look forward to more 1/35 scale AFVs, figures and accessories from Airfix soon!
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