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Welcome to Aerodrome

Aerodrome is our fortnightly blog that looks at the exciting world of aviation, from WWI fighters to the latest commercial airliners. Curated by our Flight Specialist Michael Clegg, Aerodrome is a must-read for any aviation enthusiast.


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The Flying Legends phenomenon and the move away from Duxford

For this final Aerodrome blog of the year, we have something very special in store, by way of a little festive aviation treat. With the news that the Flying Legends Airshow will be moving away from its traditional home at the Imperial War Museum Duxford, we take a nostalgic look back at this Warbird extravaganza, which was definitely more of an experience than a traditional Airshow. We look at a selection of highlights from almost 30 years of iconic Flying Legends shows, before looking forward to a new era for this world famous event.

A night at the War Museum

With a real lack of events for Britain’s aviation enthusiasts to attend this year, we are delighted to report that the latest edition of Aerodrome features a report from one which actually did take place, one which promised to mark this year’s 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain in some style. We will see how not everything went as originally planned, but we nevertheless have some stunning aeroplane pictures to show you, as well as a selection of images taken inside Duxford’s historic hangars after dark. Join us for a rather eerie visit to IWM Duxford.

Hurricane away day and Vampire at night

This year has not exactly been the best for aviation enthusiasts who had been looking forward to attending their usual selection of aviation related events and for good reason. Despite the current restrictions we are all living under, it has still been possible to find the odd aviation distraction, if you only know where to look and in the latest edition of Aerodrome, we will be bringing our readers reports from two enjoyable events we attended recently. One was arranged to mark this year’s 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, whilst the other was a ghostly evening celebration of Goblins and Griffons.

'Night Fright' – A unique link to D-Day

The latest edition of Aerodrome marks the current status of a truly fascinating historic aviation restoration project, one which when complete will create a unique ‘living’ link to the heroes who took part in D-Day. Join us as we report from a hangar at Coventry Airport and the ongoing restoration of D-Day veteran Douglas C-47A Skytrain ‘Night Fright’ – we include a host of exclusive images which will serve as a future time stamp for this ambitious project, once it is completed. We also look at the fascinating history behind this magnificent aeroplane, an aircraft which is destined to be a future star of the UK and European Airshow scene and we find out why the ‘Night Fright’ project is one we should all be excited about.

Battle of Britain 80 – A nation remembers

Eighty years ago this weekend, Britain was facing its darkest hour. Massive Luftwaffe air raids would result in the heaviest Fighter Command losses of the Battle of Britain and it was clear that the next five weeks would determine the outcome not only of this battle, but perhaps the entire war. In the latest edition of Aerodrome, we mark the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain by looking at some of the details behind this monumental aerial struggle and why it proved such a pivotal moment in world history.

First ‘Knights of the air’

In the latest edition of Aerodrome, we head back to the very early days of military aviation to take a look at a restored Great War airfield and a stunning selection of classic WWI era aircraft. Join us as we step back in time over 100 years to meet the first ‘Knights of the air’, aviation pioneers in their own right. Grab your castor oil and prepare to hear the wind in your wires, as we head for Stow Maries Great War aerodrome.

Wall to wall aeroplanes – RIAT 2019 review Part 2

As we are still just about in July, we are clinging on to the fact that we are therefore still in RIAT month and although perhaps a little tenuous, that is the only excuse we need for Aerodrome to head back to RAF Fairford for another dose of wall to wall aviation action. In this second instalment of our RIAT 2019 review, we take a closer look at an American classic which went on to see service with air forces all over the world, before moving on to a pair of former Eastern Bloc jet heavyweights. We end with a welcome splash of aerial colour from two of the world’s premier aerobatic display teams, with one benefitting from a rather sizeable additional member.

The world’s greatest Airshow – Part 1

This weekend would usually have seen tens of thousands of aviation enthusiasts heading for RAF Fairford, in order to experience the latest instalment of an incredible event which the organisers proudly describe as ‘The world’s greatest Airshow’. Although things may unfortunately be very different this year, there is no reason why we shouldn’t still make July ‘Aviation Month’ on our blog, even though we might have to use our imaginations a little to make this happen. In the first of a two part review feature, this latest edition of Aerodrome looks back at the 2019 RIAT show and some of the many aviation highlights arranged for the enjoyment of the huge crowds in attendance.

Defecting Junkers a fascinating wartime story

In the latest edition of Aerodrome, we have a fascinating tale of wartime deception and the incredible defection of a Luftwaffe night fighter crew and their latest version of the radar equipped Junkers Ju 88, which had been causing so many problems for Bomber Command crews. What makes this story all the more interesting is the fact that this very aircraft is currently on display at RAF Museum Cosford, which is re-opening to the public on Monday 6th July.

Buccaneers on the move and aviation scene update

As one of the heaviest aircraft ever to have been deployed on a British aircraft carrier, the Blackburn Buccaneer was something of an aviation beast, so how would you like the responsibility of moving a preserved example of the aircraft across the country? In the latest edition of Aerodrome, we look at the task facing The Buccaneer Aviation Group, as they plan moving TWO Buccaneers and all their support equipment from one former RAF airfield to another, by road.

‘Merlins over Malta’ 15th anniversary review

We have something very special for Aerodrome readers in this latest edition of our blog, as we mark the impending 15th anniversary of a spectacular project which saw an unusually presented Supermarine Spitfire and Hawker Hurricane return to the Island fortress of Malta in September 2005. Our Merlins over Malta 15th Anniversary review features a fascinating selection of images and details of an aviation project which was one of the highlights of that year, had the historic aviation world captivated and delighted an entire nation. We think you are going to enjoy this edition.

Leuchars Airshow 2008 revisited

The latest, slightly delayed edition of Aerodrome has now been posted and is available for your inspection. This time, we are heading back to RAF Leuchars for their 90th Anniversary of the Royal Air Force Airshow in 2008 and we can promise you pictures of some real UK aviation royalty. Prepare yourselves for the sight of Phantoms, Tornados, Hawks and of course Britain’s all-time favourite Airshow performer during her first full display season back on the display circuit, Avro Vulcan B.2 XH558.

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