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A ‘Flight’ of Airfix Hawker features

If the previous edition of Workbench was all about Supermarine’s finest, our latest edition is unashamedly pure indulgence in all things Hawker Aviation. With a host of exclusive images and fascinating project updates, we feature the Hurricane, Sea Fury and Hunter in our Airfix modelling tribute to this prolific aircraft manufacturer.

First 2019 new tooling announcement

There is one BIG reason why readers should be heading for the latest edition of our Airfix Workbench blog – the exclusive announcement of our first new model tooling from the forthcoming 2019 kit range. Be ahead of the modelling crowd and hear all about our exciting new model project before anyone else!

‘Lusty Lindy’ welcomes Airfix tribute

In what has turned out to be a very different edition of Workbench, we bring you details of a recent event which allowed us the opportunity to mark the release of a spectacular new 1/72nd scale kit under the shadow of the actual aircraft featured on the box artwork. We visit the Yorkshire Air Museum to meet the team behind Handley Page Victor K.2 XL231 ‘Lusty Lindy’ and spend some quality time with this famous aeroplane. We also have our latest exclusive box artwork reveal in support of an imminent new kit release and a fantastic competition for our readers to enter, with a unique Airfix prize on offer for our lucky winner.

End of the Great Air War

Following on from our previous blog, we have a second exclusive update from our new 1/48th Hawker Hunter F.6 tooling in this latest edition of Workbench, including several magnificent built model images we are showing for the first time. We detail the three iconic scheme options which will accompany the October release of our new RAF Phantom FGR.2, but begin by featuring an Airfix modelling tribute to the impending Centenary commemorations of the end of the Great War.

Amphibious workhorse of the Fleet

It is difficult to comprehend how the ungainly looking Supermarine Walrus amphibious biplane of WWII came from the same aviation minds which developed the famous Spitfire fighter just a few short months later – in the latest edition of Workbench, we will see why this ‘other’ Supermarine classic is deserving of much more respect than it is usually afforded. We also bring you the latest Hawker Hunter F.6 and Messerschmitt Bf 109E kit updates in yet another feature packed blog for the Airfix modeller.

A Bomber of distinction

There are some aircraft which simply cry out to be immortalised in the annuls of Airfix history and in the latest edition of Workbench, we bring you details of two impending kit releases which will induct another pair of aviation classics into these famous modelling archives. Featuring a pair of four engined ‘heavies’ which must be considered amongst the finest aircraft produced by Britain’s aviation industry, we bring you all the latest details from both projects, including our usual selection of exclusive images.

Three years of Airfix Exclusives

The latest edition of our blog marks 3 fabulous years of Airfix Workbench and we have produced something very special to mark the occasion. You can look forward to a host of exclusive new Airfix material, including the first build images from the new 1/48th scale Bristol Blenheim Mk.IF and an impressive collection of Airfix goodies up for grabs in our 3rd Anniversary competition. With so much packed in to this celebratory edition, our latest blog is most definitely not one you will want to miss.

WWII airborne ‘tool of victory’

The latest edition of Workbench is slightly shorter than usual, but features one of the magnificent future releases from the 2018 Airfix kit range which is sure to find favour with modellers. We can promise you an exclusive artwork reveal and details of two new scheme options included with a kit which marks one of the most important aircraft in the history of the Royal Air Force and one which will be receiving plenty of attention during next year’s 75th anniversary commemorations of the D-Day landings.

Luftwaffe Mosquito hunter and famous Lancaster tribute

In the latest edition of Workbench, we look at the second release from the new 1/72nd scale Messerschmitt Me 262 tooling, which includes new parts and the option to build one of the last operational examples of this famous aircraft. We also have a magnificent model build review which features a much loved preserved British aircraft, although wearing unfamiliar markings to the ones we are used to.

Airfix nostalgia with Vintage Classics

The latest edition of Airfix Workbench brings you a full behind the scenes look at the recent announcement of our ‘Vintage Classics’ range, which features some Airfix kits which possess true modelling heritage. With a host of exclusive images being shown for the first time, this edition is a real indulgence of Airfix modelling heritage and the perfect way to put us in the right mood for the coming weekend.

Exclusive Airfix Caricature Competition Update

Causing quite a stir amongst Airfix fans and modelling enthusiasts last year, our instruction booklet caricature competition proved to be the most popular competition we have ever launched and in the latest edition of Workbench, we have a full update from this fascinating project and one readers bid for Airfix immortality. By way of a further treat, we are also bringing you a review feature compiled by our Lead Researcher, centred around his recent visit to the impressive Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar and their many aviation delights.

Wellington VC and Royal Navy Phantom unveiling

We have an Airfix Workbench full of exclusive content in our latest edition, including the final update from our impending 1/72nd scale Vickers Wellington Mk.lA/C project and details from a visit to a special Ulster Aviation Society event, where we were present for the public unveiling of their fantastic new Royal Navy Phantom.

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