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Welcome to Airfix Workbench, an exciting new addition to the Airfix website where every month we will be taking you behind-the-scenes of the Airfix Product Development department, tracking the development of Airfix models often many months before they are released.


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Flashing Sabres of the RAF

Our final Workbench blog of the year is a real Christmas Cracker, packed full of Airfix model update exclusives and stunning imagery. We lead with a comprehensive update form our beautiful new 1/48th scale Canadair Sabre tooling, with box artwork images and a look at the two scheme options which are included with the first release of this kit. With just too many highlights to list, we also unleash our Christmas Competition on an unsuspecting blog world, where one lucky reader is going to be picking up one of our stunning 1/24th scale Grumman Hellcat kits. Start the Christmas period with a bang and dive into the latest edition of Airfix Workbench.

Preserved Vulcans to become future Airfix classics

As we have all started opening our advent calendar doors this week, we though the occasion required a little festive something for Airfix fans … an extra edition of Workbench. A slightly shorter blog than usual, the Airfix elves will be bringing you the latest update from one of our most ambitious new tooling projects, one which could be described as a bit of a beast. With our Avro Vulcan tooling already certain to become one of the most popular kits in Airfix history, we take a look at the fascinating details behind the two scheme options which will be included with the first release. Could there be a finer modelling way in which to launch ourselves into the festive season?

Mediterranean Blenheims at the double

The latest release from our 1/48th scale Bristol Blenheim tooling is firmly in the blog spotlight in the latest edition of Workbench, as we bring you a comprehensive update from this kit scheduled for an early January release. Presenting this historic British aircraft in its originally intended light bomber role, we have two exclusive box artwork reveals for this release, as we also take a look at the scheme options which will accompany what is only the second release from this beautiful new tooling. In addition to this, we include an enigmatic trio of exclusive build features for your viewing pleasure, one an RAF jet with naval heritage, one a truly classic Airfix racing car kit and the third, an imaginative Great War fighter build. It’s Airfix week once again and your latest bumper update is now available.

The RAF go Buccaneering

A world beating naval strike jet which went on to become an RAF classic is the star of our latest edition of Workbench, as we bring you a full project update from the soon to be released Blackburn Buccaneer S.2B kit. We will be including a stunning box artwork reveal, a first look at the new part frame included with this kit and a detailed look at the two fascinating scheme options which will accompany its release. In addition to a host of additional updates, we also have a reader supplied feature, where the model build took inspiration from a famous, if rather forlorn looking English Electric Lightning F.2A which used to be an iconic A1 motorway landmark.

Bristol Beaufort and Cromwell tank updates

There is only one way that we could think might cheer up Workbench readers who could be feeling a little low at the prospect of yet another long, hard winter and that was by bringing everyone a massive selection of the latest Airfix project update exclusives. With built sample models, a host of stunning artwork reveals and a look at two WWII aviation classics, but in slightly unusual guises, we hope to take your minds off things like wind, rain and darkness for just a few minutes of enjoyable modelling indulgence.

‘Smiley’ Spitfire on parade and a clash of armour

If it’s Friday afternoon, then it must be time for another bumper update from all the latest projects we have on the go here at Airfix. In this latest edition, we have features covering model planes, tanks and automobiles, each one benefitting from our latest selection of exclusive imagery. There is also the matter of no fewer than THREE exclusive box artwork reveals to tempt you with, including the stunning Tiger I featured above. Another feature packed edition of Airfix delights is awaiting your inspection.

Quickbuild F-35 Lightning II update

With several current Airfix projects in need of a Workbench update, the latest edition of our blog is something of a beast and includes an unequalled number of image exclusives for your viewing pleasure. We begin by looking at a newly tooled kit which is surely destined to become one of our most popular releases over the coming years, before moving on to showcase built sample models of two particularly handsome looking Spitfires. 1/35th scale Military Vehicles receive a major update, as we feature three impending kit releases which are scale versions of some truly fascinating machines and we mark the welcome return of three absolutely classic ‘Super Kits’. There is no time to delay, dive straight into the latest bumper edition of Workbench right now.

Sabre parts first look exclusive

Our expanding range of 1/48th scale classic jet kits receives a huge boost in the latest edition of Workbench as we bring readers an exclusive look at the first test frames produced from the impressive new Canadair Sabre F.4 tooling – this one is going to be a cracker. We also have significant input from two of the youngest Product Designers here at Airfix, as they give us a fascinating insight into how they both recently approached their first 1/72nd scale WWII military vehicle projects. As promised in our previous edition, we also have scheme details featuring an unusually happy Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vc, one which operated under desert skies.

What colour is your Spitfire?

In the latest bumper edition of Workbench, we feature two post war British aircraft which really must be considered to be amongst the most distinctive to have ever taken to the skies, one civilian and one military. We also take a look at a kit release which is a scale representation of a majestic 17th century warship which tragically sank only a few minutes into its maiden voyage, only to be the subject of a spectacular salvage and preservation project over three centuries later.

Victoria Cross Beaufort exclusive

The latest edition of Workbench includes a comprehensive update from one of our highly anticipated new tooling projects for 2020, the magnificent 1/72nd scale Bristol Beaufort Mk.I kit. We are excited to be including the exclusive reveal of the stunning box artwork which will be gracing the first release from this tooling and looking at the VC winning action which was the inspiration behind it. We also have additional features which focus on modern warships, one of the latest German manufactured sports cars in kit form and a classic air superiority fighter ‘Tiger Style’, as we keep you abreast of all the latest Airfix model developments.

Massive ‘Mighty Delta’ update

We have something really special for Workbench readers in the latest edition of our blog, as we bring you a ‘BIG’, if not ginormous update from one of our high-profile new tooling projects. Featuring a huge selection of images being revealed for the very first time, we bring you details of the first test components produced from our magnificent new 1/72nd scale Avro Vulcan B.2 tooling. We also include features looking at an 18th century sailing ship marking its significant 250th anniversary this year and a trio of priceless historic aircraft which help to recruit new blood into the modern Royal Air Force. This is one edition you will certainly not want to miss.

Latest Hawk an international success

With another comprehensive round-up of the very latest Airfix modelling news, Workbench edition 130 begins by looking at a post war British aircraft which continues to train student pilots with air forces all over the world, with some wearing rather attractive anniversary markings in the process. We also report on the impending return of an Airfix modelling ‘Classic’ and see how WWII M18 Hellcat crews became adapt in the execution of ‘Shooting and scooting’.

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