Perhaps more than any other, the name Messerschmitt is associated with the fearsome might of the German Luftwaffe and the danger Britain faced during the dark days of the Second World War.  It has become synonymous with the air battles that raged in the skies above Europe and is often used as a catchword to describe all enemy aircraft that fought against the Allied air forces during WWII.  At the very forefront of aviation design during the 1930s and 40s, Messerschmitt were responsible for producing some of the most significant aircraft in the history of aviation


From the first flight of the diminutive Bf 109 fighter in May 1935, Messerschmitt continued to be at the forefront of innovative aircraft design.  The incredible Bf 109 series of fighters remained in continuous production throughout WWII and its record of being the most heavily produced fighter aircraft in history is unlikely to ever be challenged.  With advanced aircraft such as the Me 163 Komet rocket fighter and the incomparable Me 262 jet coming after the classic Bf 109, the name Messerschmitt will always be linked with cutting edge aviation designs from this famous German manufacturer. 

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