Bristol Blenheim MkIV Bomber 1:72

Bristol Blenheim MkIV Bomber 1:72


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Bristol Blenheim MkIV Bomber 1:72



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The Bristol Blenheim light bomber was one of the most important aircraft available to the RAF at the start of WWII and more Squadrons than any other aircraft. The Mk.IV introduced a lengthened nose to replace the cramped bomb aimers position in earlier models, uprated engines and greater defensive firepower. These light bombers mounted some of the first RAF bombing raids against German targets in early 1940 and went on to see extensive service in many theatres of operation.

When the Blenheim made its first flight in 1935, it was one of the most advanced aircraft in the world. Featuring such ground breaking technologies as all metal stressed skin construction, retractable undercarriage and flaps, a powered dorsal turret and variable pitch propellers, the Blenheim was at the forefront of aviation design. Interestingly, the aircraft was actually developed as a private venture, funded by Lord Rothermere, who was the owner of the Daily Mail newspaper. Frustrated at the numerous record-breaking aircraft being produced in Germany, he was determined to recapture the record for the fastest civilian aircraft in Europe and have Britain hold this title. He was successful in his desire and the aircraft, which he named ‘Britain First’ was a huge success, posting speeds well in excess of all current RAF fighter aircraft – he allowed the RAF to use the aircraft in flight trials, as they were interested in assessing how they could benefit from this new design. They were so impressed that the RAF immediately ordered a light-bomber version of the aircraft, straight off the drawing board.

The first Bristol Blenheim Mk.I light bombers entered service in March 1937, with RAF No.114 squadron, based at Wyton, in Cambridgeshire. At that time, they replaced the squadrons Hawker Hind bi-plane bombers and instantly gave the RAF a massive increase in capability – it was over 100 mph faster than the Hind and was actually the fastest light/medium bomber in the world. This was now the aircraft against all others would be judged, but this fact was to work against the Blenheim over the next few years, as every aircraft that would potentially be sent against it in combat, would have assessed its capabilities and ensured that they could overcome it. It was, however, the aircraft that was available to the Royal Air Force in most numbers, at the outset of WWII and therefore has a particularly significant historical importance.


  • Scheme 1 - Bristol Blenheim MkIV GRB1 Free French Air Force Sudan March 1941
  • Scheme 2 - Bristol Blenheim MkIV R3816 / OM-J 107 Squadron Leuchars March 1941


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It is difficult to think of a more important aircraft to the Royal Air Force in the years leading up to the Second World War than the Bristol Blenheim. Representing cutting-edge aviation technology when it first took to the skies, the Blenheim was arguably one of the first truly modern monoplane aircraft to enter RAF service and was faster than most fighters of the day.


As the most heavily produced version of the Blenheim, the Mk.IV benefited from improved engines, greater defensive firepower and the introduction of a significantly altered front profile over earlier versions of the aircraft. The magnificent artwork which accompanies this release pays more than a passing tribute to the classic work of Roy Cross and depicts a machine of the Free French Air Force, which will prove a popular build option with this kit.

Michael Clegg

Michael Clegg

Flight Writer - Airfix & Corgi

y Technical Specification & Detail

Scale 1:72
Skill 2
Flying Hours 2
Number of Parts 158
Dimensions (mm) L185 x W238
Age Suitability 8+

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sssss 2

Bristol blenheim mk. 4

I was very disappointed with this kit. The fit on many of these parts was just unacceptable, the step when the body was connected to the wings was horrible. It left a gap about a centimeter! I tried to fill it but to no avail. Sadly, because of this gap the cockpit would not fit to the rest of the plane, Another centimeter gap! I think it is ridiculous that the old tool, the 1970's tool, is better than this new mold. That's how bad these gaps were. I guess the level detail is good, but it takes out all the fun when nothing fits right. I also found that the plastic was a different color than other Airfix kits. It had weird swirls in the plastic and was much softer than the normal plastic. Because I am in the USA I had to order this from Poland, so the wait for it to come was not at all worth it. So, I think this is not at all up to Airfix standards, I and I can not recommend it.
- Adam Knauss
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sssss 5
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Great kit!

This plane is a great model and I like it a lot. It is a fun thing to assemble and I know people will like it. I got this for my birthday and I was really excited to start it and I should have been because once I had started I couldn’t stop. This plane is definitely the best one I have ever done and it looked great once I had finished it.

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sssss 5
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One of my favourite twin engine kits

I cheated slightly with this build (and the photos below) because I built a Blenheim IV bomber from the mark IV fighter version. With the exception of the appropriate decals (easily sourced) and specific instructions all Airfix Blenheim kits contain the parts for both bomber and fighter versions. The bomb bay is complex with 8 bomb bay door sections plus bomb shackles and two 500lb bombs. Assembly requires careful forcep work, however a single moulded panel is included for a closed bay option. Compared to the previous "old tool" version of this model the new version is both more complex (especially the engines) but also easier to build. Moulding the wings as a single part rather than the old tab and slot system is very clever. The mk1 Blenheim really required the glass cockpit to be fitted during the initial built however the mk IV canopy is easily fitted after the initial paint job is applied. Out of all the "new tool" kits I've built only the Beaufighter gave more enjoyment... A1 kit... Read more

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Humbrol Enamel paints for the kit's primary decal scheme.

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