English Electric Lightning F.2A 1:72

English Electric Lightning F.2A 1:72


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English Electric Lightning F.2A 1:72

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| Description

The earliest Lightning mark F1 entered RAF squadron service in 1960 and represented a quantum leap in capability and performance over its predecessors offering an integrated weapons system, Mach 2+ performance and a phenomenal rate of climb.

The F2 introduced in 1962 was heavily modified in 1968 producing the F2A with square cut fin, kinked leading edges and enlarged ventral tank which gave an enhanced combat air patrol time of around two hours.

The F2A adapted superbly from its original high altitude role to patrolling the Berlin Corridor at low level. Replaced by Phantoms in RAF Germany 1977, the Lightning had few rivals for speed and rate of climb.

This model features:

  • Finely recessed surface detail
  • The canopy can be positioned open or closed
  • Various armament options
  • Adjustable flaps
  • Optional refuelling probe

% Safety Notice

Colour and contents of products may vary from those illustrated

y Technical Specification & Detail

Scale 1:72
Skill 2
Flying Hours 1
Number of Parts 92
Dimensions (mm) L232 x W149

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sssss 5

Camo Light

This is the second Lightning I've done from the new Airfix tooling, having done the F.6 earlier. Can only repeat my earlier review of that kit that this is outstanding (other than the air intakes require trimming for the fuselage halves to fit together). I did this F.2A version in the rare 4 x 30mm Cannon configuration and deleted the missile pack. Looks amazing flying with my silver F.6 version. Airfix can you please do the F.1A and F.3 versions aswell???

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The best 1/72 Lightning!

The EE Lightning is one of my favourite aircraft and in 1/72 scale for a long badly served by modelling companies...until now. Airfix have released a brilliant replica here that successfully captures the complex wing structure along with the Lightnings unique fuselage shape. One criticism I do have to offer is not for the aircraft but the slightly undersized Firestreak missiles supplied. However these are easily replaced out of the spares box. Leading to my second criticism is if you go for the four gun option the gun bay replaces the missile pack which is not shown in the instructions...basically you can have missiles or the extra guns but not both! I built mine in the rare four gun configuration so the missiles were not an issue. Overall, I have to commend Airfix for allowing this option in the first place. I've not yet built the F.6 yet but I'm looking forward to it!... Read more

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Build Review

This kit is 1/72 scale with 92 parts moulded on four grey runners and one transparent sprue. The kit is manufactured in India and the decals are printed by Cartograf. The kit is marked as Skill Level 2 and the box carries 1 Flying Hour. Paints (not included) are listed as 11, 22, 24, 33, 53, 56, 61, 78, 85, 102, 145, 163, 165, 186 and 191. Humbrol 25 and 35 are also required for decal option A. Instruction come in a 12-page A4 booklet with an addendum sheet for stencil placements. Assembly is illustrated in 38 exploded diagrams in the new style with red features. Two decal options are provided, printed to the usual high quality that Cartograf have become renowned for.
• A. XN781 flown by Wing Commander R. K. Barcilon, No. 19 Squadron, R.A.F. Gutersloh, late 1974.
• B. XN793 flown by Wing Commander J. B. Mitchell, Commanding Officer No. 92 Squadron, R.A.F. Gutersloh, August 1972.
... Read more

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Humbrol Enamel paints for the kit's primary decal scheme.

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