SThe 2016 Airfix Range Launch!


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Sadly, (and Airfix are not alone in this), when compared to WW2 and the Battle of Britain, as an example, the Great War does not appear to be getting the attention it deserves.

Granted, for 2016, we're getting two new tools of WW1 aircraft, but that compares poorly against the rest of the new tools produced.

Back when Airfix first began making kits, WW2 was fresh in the memory and many of us had relatives who had fought and died in that conflict. It was very, very much alive in popular culture.


I think that the lack of interest for WWI ranges may be because of the gaps in the releases.  There really are a lot of figures out there, though these tend to be in lots of different scales.  What would be needed is possibly a full range of quality figures, vehicles and aircraft.  Thinking in 1/72nd scale, taking the aircraft that are already available,  some figures in hard plastic, very like those recently issued by Zvesda, that can be posed and sold as small sets, would be a good start.  Some vehicles are available and some can be modified from model railway sources, but there need to be a lot more.  


I suppose what is really needed is a film as popular  as 'Saving Private Ryan' and  '633 Squadron,' plus one or two others, or a TV Series like 'Band of Brothers.'    You need to bring the story back to life again.  A popular film with a popular lead could just do it.  



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What about  ' War Horse ? '

 A 'reboot' of one of the WWI classics such as 'Aces High' or 'The Blue Max' with some of The Vintage Aviator's reconstructions coupled with modern SFX a la 'Red Tails' would do the trick, I think.


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 Waterloo 1815 soldiers - 1/32nd scale was on wish list - maybe next year?


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To me the new-tooled 1/72 B-17G is a disappointment. It has no raised rivet detail which is prominent on real B-17s. The panel detail on the fuselage which represent the overlap of the aluminum skin is shown as recessed line. On a real B-17s those panel lines are lined with raised rivets. Also there are vertical rows of rivets crossing the horizontal panel lines especially on the nose area.The width of that line is only a fraction of a millimeter. The size of the rivets are about 3-5X bigger than the panel line. How come a more prominent detail was omitted?

An impressive and bold line up for 2016 and a fair few are already on pre-order. The main concern is that with Airfix relying totally on plastic to keep them solvent (sorry !) this may not be enough.

One would have liked to see something more left field.

How about a 1/6 Merlin ?

Maybe Airfix could be the first mainstream manufacturer to embrace 3D printing ?

Braille Dave

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3D printing is not a production technique- It takes too long to produce an item, and ends up being too expensive. 


As a backround- I've got a contract for a number of pieces of furniture. The design of which requires a specific component- none of my normal suppliers do this specific component. However, it can be plastic, so my first thought was to cost out 3D printing (I have to admit I had one eye on my hobby too)


  • I'm getting better at doing CAD so the design cost is fairly cheap. Still a cost but because I'm not outsourcing the design, somewhat cheaper than buying a designers time.
  • The printer itself, for what I need is £1500, roughly. Bit steep, but I could justify on the grounds of adding additional capability to my production- possible future projects etc.
  • Materials costs are reasonable, although a bit unstable (very dependant on markets).


The big no-no was the time- at the highest resolution (needed for strength and appearance) each production run would take at least 2 hours- thats 2 hours for one component- My next thought was to make a sprue up with multiple components on, but the bigger and more complex you make the run- the longer it would take. As I need over 300 of these components, thats too long to be tied up.


Incidently, the fabrication company I've finally gone with can do the entire run within 2 hours, using injection moulding. Mind you, they used a 3D printer to produce the initial prototype, and the masters!


Please, please please Airfix!- A Fordson WOT1 in 1:72/6... Or a Bedford RL.... Or a Austin K9.... Or a Leyland 19H.....

david evans

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Very disappointed no ships, no 1/48 Challenger 2. Sorry airfix feel let down. Have to rely on foreign model companies again. Nice victor though,


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The Red Baron was a recent WW1 movie with state of the art special effects if a bit overdone.... that german artillery would have been destroyed by counter battery fire immediately.....

Of course for WW1 model enthusiasts its never been better then it is now, most subjects have been fairly well covered in multiple scales with aircraft probably being the most popular, I think Airfix picked the right ACs though...

Recent additions are a new MKI, MKII tank by another firm.. three new Renault FT17s and a number of Austin ACs in 1/72...  

In 1/35 and 1/32 there are many more.... The Renault again with other british and french tanks the Schneider and St chamond plus of course a huge range of 1/32 aircraft....

The one thing I find missing are decent Plastic as opposed to resin two seater.Aircraft in 1/72, the whole reason the fighters existed as the airwar was all about preventing reconnaissance .. I'm not a fan of Resin but there are plenty of kits available if you are....

Figures in 1/72-1/76 are fairly well covered with a plethora of WW1 military types and nationalitys but staff and civilians are mostly lacking...

If I was Airfix and was looking to add in new WW1 kits to the range(1/72) Albatros C types, LVG etc two seaters, a new RE8 and FE2b with a Sopwith Dolphin just cos their favourites ...




"The Battle of France is over. The Battle of Britain is about to begin." Tally Ho

Ok Airfix I am going to try to save your company one more time, so listen up. Airfix has the chance to own the 1/24th scale model aircraft market. The 1/24th scale De Havilland Mosqutio is selling, There guys on ebay here in the US that are making a killing of selling your original 1/24th scale Mossie kits for 250 dollars plus ! Your big Hawker Typhoon Mk B # A19002 has set the standerd for 1/24th scale aircraft kits. Now you need to follow up with a re-working of the other kits in this range, your Ju.87 B Stuka kit # 18002 is still a good seller because it can be built with the landing gear loaded. Your other kits in this range from the Spitfire Mk.1a # 12001 and Messerschmitt Bf.109 E # 120002 are good standoff models but up close they disappoint. Your Hawker Hurricane Mk.1 # 14002 has a nice engine,"practically a model in it's self", could use an update, as could your P-51D # 14001, and Fw. 190 A/F # 16001. These kits all have one glaring problem The landing gear are extended. This gives them a goofy look that spoils the hole kit, 

Father use to take me to the airfield at Hampton Va. Daddy use to do this to give my Mother a break from me,"I was a very active little boy, Mama really needed a rest after a day of chasing and spanking me all day". Yeah I learned to walk early and started running shortly thereafter. I was always,"fixing", things around the house, when Mama saw me fixing something, I would run from her. I don't know why I was so fascinated with Airplanes or when it started, but Daddy would take me to the airfield in the afternoons so my Mama could lie down and have a nap. Taking care of me and keeping the house was hard work, looking back on it now I can't see how Mama did it, she kept our home as neat as a pin and managed to chase me down, whack me on my ass, and cook a fine meal for my Daddy. This was the kind of life every young girl of my Mother's generation wanted, "to be a wife, mother and homemaker". Things have certainly changed. Now women want to be astronauts, actresses, and CEOs, who raises the children, "OH", that right, that's TV job now. Well anyway I grew up getting into trouble drawing airplanes at school and building model airplanes that my Mom bought for me, to help with the lose of my Daddy,"he died suddenly when I was 4 years old". So you could say that I know a thing or two about model planes, and the real ones that the models are based on.

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