SA Slightly Smaller Build - 1/48th Scale Boulton Paul Defiant NF.I


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And now for something slightly smaller and in a case of deja vu for me, as just 2 years ago I built the Defiant's 1/72nd scale cousin.


A couple of hours work (with some of the Eduard etches - I'm not using all of them), and the interior is ready for paint. As per usual I've used the fuselage halves as a jig to ensure the cockpit went together true.



More to come, however work and loco's will get in the way.


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Yeah, I do that with cabin interiors (and wing spars when applicable) too.

Though I fly through the shadow of the valley of death, I shall fear no evil, for I am at 65_000 feet and climbing.


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Yeah, I do that with cabin interiors (and wing spars when applicable) too.

It makes any aircraft kit go together, far more easily Wink


Some progress has been made - these 'Made in the UK' kits seem go together far better than some of their 'Made elsewhere' sisters...


The Eduard photo-etches are worth the investment - the main instrument panel is a minor work of art. I didn't add etches that weren't visible or the safety belts.



I do think Airfix missed out making this kit extra special by not adding the engine, judging by how much effort went into the rest of the kit.



As I type this, the two fuselage sides are glued together (and curing) and the wings are assembled....


.... more photo's to come today (hopefully)


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Okay just the one photo, but a lot of progress...



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Its enough progerss though.


It will probably be a slightly quicker build than your last couple but even they were completed quicker than I could manage!

John Symmons

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Hi James

Enjoying your builds and after the Shack Whitley & B17 to say nothing of your 25th scale Typhoon, this must seem tiny. 

One thing you might like to try is using painted decal paper cut into thin strips for the canopy & turret framing. I've just been trying that method on some old Airfix Ju 87's and it works a treat. I'll do a posting on it soon. It beats masking out the Ju 87's very complecated canopies, and when I've got four to do I felt there must be another method. In 72nd scale the strips have to be very fine, but 48th scale should be more managable, and using a setting solution they do sit down on compound curves.

Remember we do this for fun                          John the Pom 


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Going together quite nicely so far, a little of bit of fettling required here and there (mainly to get the wings to fit nice a flush). There should only be the slightest amount of filling too



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After a small break, the Defiant is back on the workbench (for the time being at least)




In a first for me, I decided to get the turret finished first (it is after all a major part of this build). Many thanks to Eduard for the superb etches and masks...




Making sure the turret fits...


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@John Symmons

One thing you might like to try is using painted decal paper cut into thin strips for the canopy & turret framing.

That sounds interesting John. Are you referring to the decal backing paper?


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 No Tim, you can buy plain sheets of decal film that you can then print or paint on (in this instance), and cut into strips of a suitable thickness to apply to the canopy. Of course, if you have a steady hand and a thin brush (or a ruling pen) that's effective too.

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