SAirfix 1/72 Mosquito NF II

Another recent escapee from  the loft. this again was built a long time ago. If I remember correctly it went together without problems, and the kit supplied decals worked well. As the Mossie is basically a smooth skinned aircraft, there was no chance for the Airfix mad riveter to get their hands on it, and only a very few fine raised lines are present. I would like to see this reissued under the vintage label maybe, so I could have a go at the 'Tsetse' version.


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Thanks for showing this   I built one of these many, many years ago and several house moves back. At some point it was lost in action.  Nowadays I like to go for paint schemes that are a little more varied than the Ford black (although I will get round to that Club edition Spitfire night figher someday). 

I'd go for a vintage re-issue too. My skills have improved, even if the kit may not have. 

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A re-issue wouild be nice but please please with a new canopy. I did the Tse-Tse a couple of years back with invasion strips and the kit can out much better than I expected. I especially liked the way the wings attached to the fuselage the fit being something Tamiya would be proud of. Really for the price of this kit at about half what Tamiya are asking for theirs it great value and a return would be welcome. Also how about including the conversion parts for the bomber version.


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Er, the bomber nose is different to the fighter nose from about the radiators forward (and the universal nose is different again).

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A good job PMM


Yes the venerable old Mosquito is a decent kit and builds pretty well considering its age. I did the FB Mk.VI nearly 2 years ago and really enjoyed the build.

But yes it needs improvement but I dont think its in Airfixs plans to add new parts such as the canopy or parts for a bomber version. I know Humbrol in the late 1990's tried to upgrade kits by adding 'modern weapon sets' to kits such as the Jaguar, Harrier and Buccaneer, but did it really work? No I think the Mossie needs the new tool treatment and has been on my wishlist for a while Smile 


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 I think the Mossie needs the new tool treatment 


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Er, the bomber nose is different to the fighter nose from about the radiators forward (and the universal nose is different again).

That's why the tamiya kits have different noses from about the radiator forward..... It wouldn't be rocket science for Airfix to do the same. They did it for the Blenheim kits. Personally I'd put both nose and glass options in the same box rather than the strategy they 're doing with the me 262 , phantom etc of releasing slightly different variants annually.

Colin M

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The Mosquito, probably my most favourite aircraft of all.  Nice job on this night fighter version.

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