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SAirfix 1/72 Sherman Firefly Vc A02341 Build

After building and enjoying the new Tiger kit from Airfix, as a break from Aircraft, I decided to order the Firefly as well, and it arrived yesterday lunchtime.

Yesterday evening I got right on with the build, and these are the results after one evening work. So far everything has fitted fine. I do like the choice between easy and slightly more complicated and detailed running gear, and also the plan view of a tank molded into the base part of the main hull, to make sure you get it the right way round!

The base part of the hull. It has a clever tongue and groove system to make sure of proper alignment.

The next step should be the running gear, but I've left it off for now.


The top hull done. Notice how step 43 shows fitting a machinegun to the hull, while step 45 shows the blanking plate. I went for the blanking plate. There is an interesting way of fitting the lifting eyes and lights from inside the hull.


The turret put together. when dry fitting the top and bottom halves together the fit was really tight, and they kept popping apart, but when liquid cement was added they went together perfectly. The separate hatch on the left side of the turret has no guide to location molded in, so care is needed.


I won't be using it, but here are the one piece track assemblies.


Finally, here are all the sub assemblies dry fitted, with simple tracks.

Next up will be assembly of the tracks, and maybe the start of painting. There is another sprue full of kit to busy up the tank, such as ammo boxes, jerry cans and spare wheels and track.

building this has brought back memories of building 1/76 Matchbox Fireflies and wargaming with my mates as a teenager. All I need now is a half destroyed stone bridge to display it on(anyone who remembers the Matchbox kit will know what I mean!).

The more involved link and legth running gear has now been added. This is what it looks like on the sprue.

There's some clear engineering around the front sprockets, and return roller at the back. However, be very careful as I think some of the part number call outs for the construction of the sprockets, and shorter track parts are wrong on the instructions.

After some head scratching, and ripping sections of track off as I had the chevrons facing the wrong way, I finally completed adding the tracks and they didn't look too bad!


Next the spare track armour was added and the whole thing got a coat of olive drab. The top and bottom hull are not yet glued together.


Painting tracks, wheels and on with the decals next. 


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You mean, something like this? ;)


Loving how your build's progressing.  I just purchased one myself, and I'm thinking about making it my first in-build review on this site. :3

detail painting has been completed, the decals applied and the Jerry can and ammo boxes added to the front stowage. All that remains now is to weather it up and it will be finished. The only thing not out of the box is drilling out the holes in the muzzle brake.


As an interesting aside, I've been studying the box tops of the Tiger and Firefly. This is the Tiger box;

Notice the ruined café behind, and the damage to the roof.


Now look at the Firefly illustration, you can see the same ruined café in the background. 

If you look VERY closely at the area in front of the café you can just make out a burning Tiger tank. After studying it, it turns out to be the same 007 Tiger as the previous box top, so our Firefly must have just taken him out after the Tiger box top illustration! I presume from behind as the back of the tank is burning.

Does anyone else know of any 'linked' box tops?


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That's a very pale colour PMM, or has the flash washed it out?

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It's the flash. I painted it in straight Humbrol 155 Olive Drab.

After some light weathering my Firefly is now finished. I can't comment on how accurate this kit is, as I'm not an armour buff, but the assembly was straightforward, and it has certainly helped with my AMS with my usual aircraft subjects. I am looking forward to Airfix's next simple armour release.


These views were taken with natural light so hopefully have come out better than the previous ones with the flash.


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Good to see an OOB build

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