SThe Airfix 2018 Range Launch!


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It's that time again! All is revealed as we show you what we have planned for the year in the Airfix 2018 Range Launch!


Featuring dozens of new releases, including the 1:48 scale Blenheim Mk.1F, Hawker Hunter F6 and many more.


In 1:72 scale there’s the wonderful new Wellington Mk.IC, Phantom FG.1 and new versions of many other recent new moulds.


Be sure to let us know what you think of the 2018 Airfix Range!


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Well done on the Hunter F6.  I've been pressing for that for ages.  Loads of versions for this aircraft.  

I notice that a Spitfire XIV is noted above, too.  Another one for my collection, though it's not on the 2018 list and pictures, and the note at the top of the page has also gone.  Are we getting this?


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Hi Ian,


I'm sorry to say this was an error in the text and it is not included in the 2018 range.


Please take our apologies.

Well if thats it, what a big disapointment.  Nothing really new, a number of these 'announcements' we already knew about and those that are 'new' seem to be re-issues/new toolings, or have been produced by other manufacturers in the past.  Not really living up to previous years by a long way.  Why are Airfix not continuing with the expansion of their 1/24 range ?  A Phanton FG1 or a Buccaneer in 1/24 would be great !  From me - 4/10, could do better !

You can't please everybody but I am am quite content. The highlights for me are the 151 Sqn Hawk, Victor K2, Wellington, Phantom FGR2 and the 78 Sqn Seaking (well the RWR fairings are in the 22 Sqn boxing so not really a surprise) - but is there any chance of correcting the instructions regarding the aerial fit please?


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Ah well, another year with nothing from Airfix that I would buy... Not a single armor kit in sight, in any scale (quick build's don't count...). Not even any existing ones, let alone new ones.


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Nothing that I would buy...  I am mainly interested in USAF/USN types such as the Airfix F86 Sabres and A4b. Unfortunately I have just bought the Academy Banshee and next might be the SWORD FJ/3 Fury.


Tim Lewis

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Congratulations on the new range. 

My Airfix highlight builds of 2017 were the Be2c / Fokker Eindekker dogfight double set (I'll be making room for my 3rd Fokker with this new 2018 release), the Grumman Wildcat and the Nakajima Kate BN52. Also an Argentinian Skyhawk - it seemed to be a year for the box sets for some reason. 

My 2018 wishlist (so far) - twin seater Me262 (definitely), Lightning (2nd colour scheme is especially nice), Gnat (another), Vampire (3rd), Sea King (Norwegian version). I like the new 109 colour scheme as well, 

Probably an RAF Mitchell, although I had the USAF version on my list before - not sure which will win. The alternative RAF markings aren't that different from the main one.....

I've just taken delivery of my new Navy Phantom; it would have been my preferred version for the Phantom anyway. 

Wellington? I might just hang on for a later version (N. Africa / Coastal Command please?)

I don't do 1:48 but I might just be tempted by an Irish Walrus......... 

Best wishes.



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Was expecting the sea fury much sooner 

The hunter & the Blenheim are very welcome ... but sadly not till the latter stages of 2018 if pushed back could possibly be 2019! 

This leaves me with mothing Airfix to buy for the best part of a year 


WOW - AMAZING Airfix...


I just LOVE all the new car kits!!!  A re-tool E Type, the Aston DB10, the Jaguar CX75...


Oh - wait... sorry - I was remembering last nights dream...Reality - UTTER disappointment. NOTHING new...

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