SAirfix Forum Christmas Competition 2018


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Welcome to the annual Airfix Forum Christmas Competition! Each year we offer you the chance to win a fantastic prize by telling us something about your Christmas here on the Forum.


For this year’s competition, we’d like you to tell us, in 75 words or less, how Airfix and scale modelling help you and your family enjoy this festive time of year. If you all come together to build a model or enjoy looking at the history of each of your Christmas kits, we’d like to hear about it!


Do make sure your entry is 75 words or under as we can’t consider any post which goes over the word limit. Please submit your entry to this thread before the end of Sunday 9th December. The winner will be selected and announced on the Forum the following week.


Full Terms & Conditions can be found here. Only one entry can be considered per Forum user.


392 posts

The prize this year is a A50181 RAF Centenary Gift Set.



The prize will be dispatched as soon as possible, and while we will make every effort, we can’t make any guarantees that delivery will be in time for Christmas Day.


*Competition ends Sunday 9th December 2018.


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It's become a tradition that every year we get at least 1 airfix kit.Whether or not it/they get finished( or even started) is another thing,but we enjoy them anyway.

We love to all come together and build a model between us one the weeks leading up to Christmas. It's a fun way to sit down together and relax amidst all the rushing around at this time of year! 


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II have been building airfix kits for years, not having much time to do them with work and family. Earlier this year I moved with my partner to norfolk to look after her grandmother with dementia. 3 months ago they have now also diagnosed her grandfather as well. He used to be in the raf 1951 - to 1957. He was lucky to go up in a gloster meteor so I built him the model. Since then he has built a spitfire and I have done 5 more since


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My son's 12 now and since he was 6 we have made models together over the christmas holidays as I did with my dad. Last year we made a vosper MTB that his great taid was a cocksman on during D-day. It was a great passing down all the war stories I had been told as a child.


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I love airfix models because i get great enjoyment out of making them and have done so since I were 11yrs old 

I enjoyed reading the experiences of the other members who shared their stories. Mine may not be as impressive as theirs, but I can tell you that much... It was over a beginners' kit that I built my bond as uncle with my 12 years old nephew whom I did not see since he was 6. The outcome of the built was anything but good, yet the bonding experience with my nephew is worth the world to me. Thanks Airfix, and way to go Hornby Hobbies Ltd.

Every year my son and his Dad look forward to building their airfix models (which Santa brings them both) to do together! They build them while watching a Christmas movie and whilst I'm cooking up a fabulous festive feast. My partner has been doing this since he was a child and the tradition has carried on. Hours of fun and great father/son bonding time. Airfix you rock and Merry Christmas to you 

What little time I get off over Christmas, due to work. My kids and myself every year sit down and have our version of 'make and paint' ourselfs. Be it an Airfix quick kit or plastic kit. Something we always just do and enjoy.

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