SAirfix New Tool Phantom FG 1 First Look

Before I start, I must admit that the British Phantom has been one of my favourite aircraft since I went on a week long summer camp to RAF Wattisham (Phantom FGR 2's of 56 Sqn) in 1983, so I might just be a little bias!

Anyway, about an hour ago a delivery driver knocked at my door with a package from Airfix containing the two (yes two) F-4's I ordered when this new release was first announced at the end of 2016. After calming myself down enough to open up one of the boxes, I was absolutely thrilled with what I found inside.

The surfaces are very nicely indented with fine panel lines and other detail, and the options just keep on coming! I think you could probably build this kit 20 times and not have two in the same configuration. Alternate parts are included for weapons (live Sparrows or drill rounds, three tanks, Sidewinders, thousand pound bombs (4) or naval type rocket pods (4)), open or closed canopies are included, so no trying to get the 4 part open one into a closed up position, tail fins with or without the RWR fairing on top, extended or retracted inflight refuelling probe, alternate wing tips for extended or folded, straight nose or folded or folded with radar displayed, extended or normal nose wheel leg, and flaps, slats and tail planes set for flight, take off or parked. 

There is nice cockpit detail, full intake trunking, and detailed radar unit. The multi part ejector seats have moulded on firing handles and belts, but a strange omittance is that there is no crew, which is puzzling as an in-flight and launch option are included. They will have to come from the spares box.

Three Royal Navy Options are included, all in the same scheme, but different units, and enough stencils to send you potty!

Anyway here are the Sprues

Sprue F the clear parts, includes Radar dish, and two canopies.

Sprue A fuselage halves, folded wing tips and two alternate belly centre sections, one with added re-enforcement plates.

Sprue B, extended wing tips, wing top surfaces, intakes and alternate fins.

Sprue C, more extended wingtips (?) flaps, under fuselage section and rudder.

Sprue D, engine exhausts, cockpit and general parts.

Sprue E, Weapons

Sprue G, mainly parts specific to a naval phantom, so maybe a FGR 2 is on the cards?

Stencil placement guide on an A3 sheet, looks like an evening or two's work.

One of 3 A3 painting and markings guide.

Just some of the 111 construction stages.

Decals, just look at all those stencils!



I will be starting these two kits as soon as my Fortress III is done ( maybe before then) and intend to use the kit decals for a navy bird about to do a catapult launch (with spares box crew), and also use up some of my Modeldecal markings for either a Raspberry Ripple RAE machine in Phantom 25th Anniversary markings, or specially marked low vis 111 or 43 Sqn machines. Maybe I'll get another 2 and do all of them.

John Symmons

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Hi P.M.

Decals, just look at all those stencils!

Looks like you're going to need new glasses after doing all those stencils. Good luck.

Remember we do  this for fun                                         John the Pom


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Wow yes that is a lot of stencils, would think it's a few nights work! 


Might be an idea to photocopy the stencil sheet then cross off each stencil as it's done so you know where you're plodding? I have done it before and it helps but even so wasn't with as many stencils as the Phantom appears to have!


Really looking forward to getting my delivery of the kit ☺


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I want two! One I shall model just on the point of taking the wire so I will need crew. Any suggestions for aftermarket?


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If you don't have any in your spares box, or can't 'rob' some crew from another Airfix kit from your stash, Revell do a decent set of Modern NATO Pilots in 1:72nd Scale.


I have the set myself but only got it cos Airfix don't offer a comparible item.


Having said that the new tool Airfix Gnat, Vampire and Jet Provost all have 2 good pilot crew included so all you need is 1 kit, finished grounded and you have the 2 crew figures you require for your Phantom?

 I'd like to see the 1/48 scale version...

Dad Paul B

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PJ Productions do nice resin crew figures and can be bought from Hannants and come in packs of 2 which is handy. Just note they are quite chunky and may need a little trimming to fit into some cockpits.

Time to order mine!

Paul - Classic Jet Fan


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Bought mine at the LMS.  In addition to the above, the intakes feature appropriate trunking onto the jet intakes mid-fuselage which is a sea change from the commonly encountered blanking to the rear of the intake parts.  Also provided is the option to have the nose mounted radar positioned extended out of the front fuselage as if under maintenance.  Also like the detail appearing in the exhaust nozzles.


Airaix do seem to put a lot into the design of their kits, and this one is no exception.  For the asking price you get a jolly promising kit - I've not assembled mine yet but in common with recent issues I expect it will build well.


A scaled up 1/48 kit would sell very well?


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Now that all the pictures have turned up (makes no sense but I couldn't see some of the sprue shots before), we appear to have slatted (C) and unslatted (B) extended outer wings, but only unslatted folded outers. Well, that makes some sort of sense for an FG1 but even with the FGR2 announcement I'm not sure why we have slatted outers at all?


It does mean that I'll be buying several eventually.

Though I fly through the shadow of the valley of death, I shall fear no evil, for I am at 65_000 feet and climbing.

Dad Paul B

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Congratulations of getting hold of one. I noted today that the delivery date has slipped to February of the site. Hope it arrives before my Club voucher expires.

Paul - Classic Jet Fan

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