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Just bought a Tamiya 1/350 Prince of Wales.

First time I've tried anythin like this. Does anyone know roughly how long this will take to complete? Could I finish it in a month for example? 


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How long is a piece of string?

What are your skills up to? Have you built models before and ships in particular? What sort of finish are you aiming for? I could go on but you must get the point. I've been modelling for 50 years and though I could throw it together in a month it wouldn't be Competition Winning Standard, for a start I don't like photo-etch (that stuff that really adds detail) and I haven't rigged a ship well at all yet so tend to avoid it.

What are your expectations?

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It really depends on you and how in-depth you want to go with the build.  If you're doing a straight, out of the box, build as she appeared when she was lost, the most time consuming part will be the camouflage.  If you want to go with her appearance at the Battle of the Denmark Strait the painting will be simpler, but you'll need to find or scratch build 4 UP launchers.  Then throw in if you want to use photo-etch or not, rigging the masts, etc., it really comes down to what you want to do.


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You're probably looking at 50 to 100 hours of actual build time depending on how much you veer from building the kit straight out of the box. You can save yourself a lot of masking if you get a set of wood deck veneers. You just paint the superstructure and deck details without worrying too much about neatness then apply the wood deck. They look much more realistic than a painted wood deck, at least in my case.

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Hi Shteve.

Some time back I did the US Missouri. Started it in the 1990's and after about 10 to 20 hours work realised I needed so practice and I wanted to do it as a water-line model with Photo-Etch railings etc. so back in the box it went. Fast forward ten years or more. First thing I would advice is make a display case for the model that way it can be safly be put away out of harms way and it reains dust free. 


The next few months the construction was more or less done and the painting completed. The main superstructures were left free to make the rigging easier by pulling the rigging from the underside and then gluing in place. If using PE don't use all the parts supplied as often the plastic parts or better as PE can be very 2 dimentional. Using PE realings really makes the biggest improvement and really isn't that diffecult, just tack it in a few places with CA glue then run som diluted PVA along the join, it's surprizing how strong it becomes. 


Once I'd restarted the kit it took about 6 months but that was working on and off and I think I actually made another kit for a change of pace in that 6 months. Making something like you're thinking off is going to require quite a commitment in time and concentration but if you take your time and do it logically it is well worth the effort once finished. That case I made for mine was the best thing I could have done as  it was a real life saver.


Good luck with you're 350 battleship.


Remember we do this for fun                          John the Pom

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