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What's the best way to clean paint off fingers please? Soap and water works but takes scrubbing. I want to be able to quickly get paint off my fingers so that I can continue painting and modeel making without staining everthing I touch. Some sort of mineral oil or swarfega seem like obvious choices to me but without either in the house to experiment with, I thought I'd start by asking for some advice. Oh, and I really won't be welcome in bed or at work if my hands stink of white spririts. Thank you.

John Symmons

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Hi Jimbo 100

Firstly welcome to the forum and all the best for the new year.

If you're using enamels white spirit or turps then wash hands with soapy water or washing-up liquid before the solvent have dried, a scouring pad also helps if the paint has dried. If you're using acrylics washing-up liquid usually does the trick if really stubbon add some meths, and again a scouring pad might be useful.


Hope this helps and good luck, looking forwards to seeing you modelling results.


Remember we do this for fun                        John the Pom


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 Hi Jimbo

I would advocate the instructions John S has given you. Sometimes for stubborn enamel - I might use Revell Paint remover - thinned with hint of white spirit. The Paint Remover is essentially similar to a nail varnish remover - so you might be smelling more acceptable :)

Kind Regards


Now - where did I put my loop glasses!


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Or Swarfega with microbeads in it; that will even shift heated laser toner (DAMHIKT)

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John Symmons

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with microbeads in it; that will even shift heated laser toner (DAMHIKT)

Hi. I thought microbeads had been banned in the UK as the plastic beads end up in the food chain for fish and other animals and then eventually in the food we eat. Just a thought.


Remember we do this for fun                                 John the Pom


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Thank you for your responses. Much appreciated. Happy new year you all!

Try Johnsons baby wipes, they work well for most paints, believe it or not!


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 If you have a cat or a dog, letting them lick your hands seems to be very effective!

Patrick Camilleri

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To be perfectly honest the best thing is to avoid getting paint on your fingers in the first place ...... and if you do, to clean them immediately and then wash your hands in warm soapy water making sure there's no trace of paint left................not so much for health reasons though it is important of course Wink ....... but so as to ensure that you don't get paint on the model when you carry on working.  

I was taught this lesson when I was painting the red underside to one of my ships and I left a whacking great red thumb print on the white superstructure!!!!!

Peter s

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Buy a box of disposable nitrile gloves! 

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