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SGlostor Gladiator 02052A out of the box !

Dark Earth

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After a few longer projects, I was looking for an easier, quicker build -  and this kit looked like just the thing.  After a (not full) day of modeling, it was up on three legs !the area underneath the machine guns had to be pre painted before assembly.  The only addition to the kit was a wine bottle foil harness. (Merlot of you're wondering).   

Day two saw the two tone Dark Earth undercoat.and the black and white underside.One suggestion for those who will build this kit.   I recommend not to add the legs till the end.  The wheel axles at the bottom of the legs are very fragile.  I've broken both - even while being careful.  Now I'm just waiting for the tail wheel ! 




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Quick progress Chris for only a couple of days. And I usually leave awkward bits off till the end, either to save breakages or to make masking easier!


But I really need to get my Gladiator out of the stash!! 

Dark Earth

190 posts

Update . . . Painting, gloss coating, and all the major dealing is done.  Now only 47  stencil decals remain . . . chris

Dark Earth

190 posts

I'm not sure that ALL of those teeny stencils are worth the effort.  Tiny black dots on a dark earth dark green surface ????  Hmmmm.


Well, here's an update. Wings and struts in place and painted.  26 rigging lines attached at one end.  I need some super glue accelerator to finish the rigging work.

(Photo bombed by a sprue from a different  model).  

This is the second airfix biplane I've built.  The other was a Swordfish.  What a great job Airfix does to make wing/strut alignment easy and accurate for these models.   Bravo !



Dark Earth

190 posts

I feel like the Hare in "The Tortoise and the Hare".

Off to a raging start - only to get distracted . . .   Well -  after more than a month - I did make some progress.

I got over the rigging hurdle !   (EZ Line)

Still needs a dullcoat, underwing guns, canopy, and maybe a bit of pastel chalk weathering.



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Looks excellent! I built mine as one which flew with 247 Squadron (part of of my BoB collection) - although I did add a two blade prop as the references that I'd found suggested that might be correct. Huge kudos to you for the rigging - I was no way brave enough to try!

Aussie Jeff

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Another cracking effort Chris! Must get around to doing mine one day. I have a love/hate relationship with rigging - although biplanes look like a walk in the park compared to some old sailing ships some people are doing in this forum!

After 47 years let's have another crack at this caper!

Dark Earth

190 posts

Thanks Landy and Jeff !


Landy -. Very nice job on your Gladiator - a nice one for the BoB collection.


Jeff - I agree, I think I'll stick to biplanes and others that require even less rigging for now.  A sailing ship is a bit beyond me at the moment.  I'm sure you'll love the kit.  Goes together very nicely.  There are a few fragile pieces - so it does require light handling.


Final pictures will be in an email to follow this one.   



Dark Earth

190 posts

Final Gladiator Glamour shots . . . 

Patrick Camilleri

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Community Moderator

Lovely build.  Must get one to build as "Faith"

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