SHow to open bottles?


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We purchased a bottle of humbrol acrylic paint and have sturggled to open the lid. We are currently trying prying it open.

Paul Brown

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I've not come across these before as I don't usually use these acrylic paints, but the knurled top suggests to me that you grip the pot and twist the lid to unscrew it. I did a search for some pictures and it would seem the lable on your pot is positioned a little high and is concealing the joint between the pot and the lid.

John Symmons

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Hi PenPow.


Welcome to the forum. I don't know when you brought that pot of paint but it's in an old style pot that's been superceded some time ago, several years back. I had several of these pots and had to open them with a mole wrench. that pot must be several years old so don't be surprised if the paint has dried up and is now useless. The newer pots have a twist-off at one end (best left alone) and a flip open lid the other end. Try and only buy paint in this type of pot.


Hope this helps and good luck.


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VA Matthew

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I use a small wrench on the cap end.  Acrylics can dry really hard - I have had the same problem with Tamiya and Gunze as well - Gunze really dries hard.

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This is not an old style pot but just a screw lid instead of the lid on tins of enamel paints which have to be opened with a screwdriver.

There is usually a selophane wrapping over the etire bottle when you buy it which must be removed. Then its just a case of cutting any stickers which are spanning the lid and the body of the bottle. 

I dont usually have a problem with the paint drying and sticking the bottle shut around the seam of the lid but i imagine that if you held the bottle in a towel of warm water then it may do the trick.

Hope some of this helps,


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