SMalta Spitfire early WWII

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Greetings from the 'Colonies'. I was reading your recent (at the time) email post about the Duxford's "Sky full of Spitfires" article. Pretty impressive to get a 'Big Wing' of Spits all up and flying at the same time. However, I was wondering why I see ton's of BoB tributes, there is nearly nothing (or at least hard for me to find) about the defense of Malta. From what I have read and dug up, it seemed to me the Malta confict in early WWII looked like BoB 2.0. I see all those nicely restored Spits but nothing paying tribute to the Malta campain. I thought for sure they would get some display/show/mention. I mean they were launching them off carriers so they can fly to Malta. On top of that the impromptu repainting them blue or something close (modeler inside of me kicking in). To me, the Malta campaign seems to be a big important piece of Spitfire history that seems to be over looked. Thank you for your time and now get back to modeling.




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 The new tool Vb (in 1/48) has a Malta scheme.   What mark are you looking for?

Also have you looked at aftermarket decals

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It's a fair point, but at the end of the day it's down to the warbird owner to decide how their aircraft is painted. One thing that's better nowadays is that owners seem to have moved away from personalised schemes and look for something that's authentic. For instance, MH434 used to carry codes that were initials of its then owner, Adrian Swire. Nowadays it's painted as it served with 222 Squadron. Another point is that if you own a Mk I, then a BoB scheme is a bit of a no brainer if you want to offer the aircraft for hire, either for film or TV work.

Robb D

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Thank for the reply. My comment was more on all those wonderful airshows you have there in the UK. As one from the colonies I thought for sure there would be something Malta related. I mean three G. Gladiators were made infamous and a GC medal award. On top of that all those great aces that were there. Anyways, now that you brought it up, maybe Airfix should step in and maybe release (new tool would be fine too) a Malta tribute preferably in 1/72. (hint, hint). The modeler inside of me is attracted to trying to dupicate the repainted 'blue' paint schemes. There seems to be quite a bit of discussions on that subject.




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I replied earlier, but the post never went through for some reason. The Airfix set A50160, Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vb and Messerschmitt Bf109 Dougfight Double, is the only Airfix set based in Malta, along with the Spitfire Mk Vb, which Ossian already mentioned. As for real Spitfires, Spitfire Mk IX EN199 is the only surviving Spitfire I know of which carries markings from Malta. However, it is still in Malta itself.

Robb D

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 Thanks for the info on the Dogfight Double kit. I don't do much in 1/48 which is probably why I over looked it. Embarassed I guess my idea has already been taken. I am going to hit the inter-web and look up that last spit that is in Malta. Again thanks all Wink

In recent times there have been Spitfires flying in Malta schemes. About 5 years ago there was something called 'Merlins over Malta', when a Hurricane and Spitfire in malta markings were flown from the UK to Malta.


More recently (2016) the Heritage Hanger at Biggin Hill restored a Mk V in Malta markings aswell.


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Airfix A50160

This is the only Airfix set that I know of that is based in Malta. There is also an older 1/48 Dogfight Doubles set with the same two Aircraft, however I'm not sure if it is based in Malta.

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