Smistisbushi zero

Adam Knauss

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Hello this is my first post and it is a zero. sorry for bad camera! Tell me what you think of it.


Looks okay from a distance. Maybe take a few more pics from a bit closer?

Adam Knauss

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thank you! okay is fine for me! This is my second model aircraft and anything above bad is fine by me. I will be sure to take closer picks. Here are some...

Not bad at all for a second attempt. Your construction and painting look very good.

Here are a few pointers;

On the tail decal (transfer) I think I can see some silvering, this is when air gets trapped underneath the transfer. One way of dealing with this is to give the model a coat of gloss varnish which will help prevent the air from getting trapped, then a coat of matt varnish to give the finish you want and to seal in the transfer. Doesn't always work as I sometimes still get silvering on my models, but it does help a lot.

I see you have also painted the frames for the canopy. To improve the look you can mask the frames with cut up bits of masking tape to get straight edges. You can even buy masking sets that saves having to do any cutting, but these can be quiet expensive when first starting out. Also before painting the top colour onto the frame paint the cockpit colour, then it will look like the inside frames have also been painted.


Hope that helps, only meant to be constructive criticism. Keep on doing what is good for you and what you enjoy. As John the Pom always says 'We do this for fun'.


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As PMM says. Also you can get decal fixative solutions which actually make all decals conform better to surfaces (look at a picture of a Ju-52 to get an idea why these are useful) and reduce silvering. Even at this stage, pricking the tail band film with a pin, and then washing it with decal fixative will reduce silvering.

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Adam Knauss

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Thank you! I will get some decal soultion then. It doesn't look to pricy and looks like it helps. I will buy a new tooled Bristol Blenheim, (I have been waiting for this kit, favorite bomber), and try out the techniques you recemended. Again, Thank you!

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