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I recently came across a delightful build of the 1:600 Airfix HMS Victory by ALEX CAREY.  I've been trying to contact him to see whether he would mind uploading some of his photos here but I can't seem to find his contact details anywhere.  I'll keep trying but see what you think of this build ................remember it is one of the 1:600 Aifix HIstorical Ship Series!  Fantastic isn't it?

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I thinking Alex must be a genius, that's a model just over 15.5cm length?!


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Thats BarmeySmile surely that is not 1/600.... just brilliant

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That is rather special. 

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 Ah Ha,

Here I am!

Thank you for your kind words about my little Victory build.

It's taken me 3 days to finaly register onto the forum!

Clearly you found it on another forum. I don't want to upset them by re-posting the original photographs, but as I'm the originator then prsumably I have copyright?

I have to go out now, but promise to download the photo's and a little relevant prose this evening.


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 Patrick, you couldn't find me but I managed to find you!

Most of this is pulled from my original submission to another forum.

'I would like to submit my endeavours attempting what I could to raise the level using as a basis (don't laugh) the venerable Airfix mini-kit of HMS Victory. To my incomplete knowledge, no one else has given this kit such attention. You don't have to be insane, but it helps!

      Though the kit is as crudely basic; when I studied the hull halves I considered them to be fair attempt at the general proportions of the ship drawings in 'The Anatomy of the Ship' book, after reducing them on a photo-copier. I was surprised to find it worked out at 1:600. The rest of the kit went into the re-cycling bin!       After some major surgery, I felt there was a good basis to proceed. In short, everything else was totally scratch-built using plastic card and brass rod/tubing. The rigging is entirely made from various bits of fishing line monofilament.       My only tools were a ruler, a scalpel, bits of emery paper and a small selection of Humbrol enamels. The 'pedestals' are from ballpoint pens; the polycarbonate case and base were made from found items. It includes a full crew, but they are eating lunch below deck.          It's been gathering dust all these years on top of a book case, until a recent visitor wanted a look-see. To be honest, when I had a close look I couldn't believe it was my work and decided to photograph it for your amusement. Please bear in mind it measures not much over 3 inches in length overall       In all it took me 8 months of spare time, 20 years ago. I never did anything like it before or since'.   I found the project to be absorbing and a challenge. Though I'm generally pleased with the result, it's clear I had difficulty with the stern galleries using my skill-set at the time. That is the one aspect I'd do differently now.           Thank you for your indulgence.


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 Oops, gremlings in the works? Anyway, to finish; the reward for me was the pleasure derived by making something a bit different at minimal cost....no expensive kit.....no photo etch, just time and patience. I hope you agree it was time well spent.


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 Aaaaaargh, I can't figure out how to download images! Is it possible to pm me with some guidence please? Why can't I simply paste the the photo's?  Plenty to come.

Patrick Camilleri

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Hi Oldvic123.... I'm so glad you finally made it here.  I tried searching for your contact details everywhere with no luck.  I'm not happy copying images from elsewhere but as you see I credited you (in capital letters!!)  I thought such a great build needed to be shared with others.  Don't worry about the double post ....I'll remove it.

As to the photos, all you need do when writing a reply is click on the little picture between the smiley face and the tree. You will then be able to browse your computer and select the pictures you want to upload.

Congrats again on a great build and looking forward to seeing more photos!


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